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Tonic Water

Kas Blue Tonic


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The Kas Blue Tonic is PepsiCo's response to Coca Cola's Nordic Blue Tonic and appears to be a strong competition. Kas Blue Tonic aims to simplify a world which in a short period of time has become very complicated. This is why this Tonic water has been produced to pair perfectly in harmony with each kind of gin, whether aromatic or dry.

With this Kas Blue Tonic , you cannot be wrong, try it out. Taste it with different gins and tell us what you think!

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Technical sheet

Category:Tonic Water (Soft drinks and Mixers,Other drinks)
Producer: Pepsi Cola Company
Volume: 20cl

Elaboration of Kas Blue Tonic

Kas Blue Tonic


  • View: Transparent with bluish tone
  • Nose: Quinine notes, tangerine, orange, grapefruit, lemon and lime.
  • Mouth: Nice balance between bitter and sweet notes, exquisite bubble, refreshing and enhancing citric aromas in the olfactory phase. The finish is extraordinarily long reappearing citrus and bitter notes, giving personality and character.

PRODUCER: Pepsi Cola Company

PAIRING: This tonic perfectly combines with gin, as it is primarily designed to be consumed mixed with a dry liquor such as gin. This tonic has a balance of citrus and bitter to match any gin notes. In combination with drier and less aromatic gins, the Kas Blue Tonic emphasizes its personality and sophistication. On the other hand, the blue tonic water also accompanies aromatic gins in a subtle way.

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