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Tequila Patrón Silver


Tequila Patrón Silver

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Patrón Tequila, with its iconic square glass bottles and bumblebee on the label, has been making waves in the premium tequila world since it was first released in 1989. Patrón is now one of the best-selling brands of tequila in the world. At the base of that success lies Patrón Silver Tequila. This is the unaged foundation of the rest of the classic Patrón line that the world has come to know and love.

To craft its Patrón Silver Tequila, only 100% Weber Blue agave is used. This gives the final product a depth of flavour and aroma that mixed tequilas find hard to match. The brand even has its own special production process that combines the flavour of baked and fresh agave into a special whole. While the rest of the classic Patrón tequilas are aged for various time periods, this silver version is not. That means that it is the freshest expression of the agave it comes from and will have the most vibrant flavour, not muted by time or wood.

After being handmade with care in small batches, the crystal-clear Patrón Silver Tequila is perfect for mixing into the cocktail of your choice. It is smooth and sweet enough to enjoy on its own but will add a special touch to any drink it is mixed into.

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Technical sheet

Category:Tequila (Spirits)
Producer: The Patrón Spirits Company
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Mexico
Type Of Tequila: Silver

Description of Tequila Patrón Silver

Tequila Patrón Silver


  • Color: transparent lens.
  • Flavour: It has an intense aroma of agave and citrus, where the freshness of lemon and cedar prevails, along with fruity notes of currant and herbal notes of fresh grass.
  • Palate: soft and sweet taste, a medium body, pleasant and comfortable structured references and final pleasantly citrus pepper.

PRODUCER: The Patrón Spirits Company was founded in 1989 in the heart of Mexico with the intention of producing a high level of Tequila. Over the years the company has been able to stand out from the crowd, achieving high levels of quality, to the acquisition of a new headquarters in 2000, where attention to detail is key and limit the environmental impact of the production of tequila held in high regard.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: For this distillate, the most sold in the United States, different varieties of tequilas, each aged in small white oak barrels for 12 months, using a completely handmade production process are combined. The silver version is bottled without aging. Each bottle is made and numbered by hand by a glazier artisan recycled glass, and is recognized for its smooth, soft and very suitable for mixing character makes this suitable distillate for classic and innovative cocktails.


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The Producer

The Patrón Spirits Company

The Patrón Spirits Company

The Patrón Spirit Company was founded in Mexico in 1989. Since then, the world of tequila has never been the same. While the company has branched out into other spirits – rum, vodka, and liqueurs – it is most well-known for its tequilas. Patrón tequilas were the first ultra-premium tequilas on the market and continue to be one of the best-selling brands in the USA. Made in small batches with care, this brand just keeps getting stronger.

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Reviews of Tequila Patrón Silver

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A déguster avec modération, excellente tequila
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Tequila Patrón Silver

5 /5

Cristalino, muy suave y delicado al paladar. Sabor a agave, con matices cítricos. Perfecto para tomar solo o combinado.
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4 /5

- Patron Silver is called young or "joven" tequila. A similarity may be made to a young or nouvelle wine.
- It is known for its light, fresh, crystal clear look and an elegant smoothness not found in other silver tequilas. Many prefer this smooth, soft and light tequila over an aged and slightly oaky flavour. Those that know the difference may find Patron Silver the finest silver tequila available. It is perfect for blending with a high quality mixer or may be easily sipped.
- Patron Tequila, like the great wines and Cognacs of the world, is exceptional for a reason. It begins with the finest growing region in Mexico. High in the mountains of Jalisco exists a region which allows with perfect soil and climate which allows the sugar and acid balances of the Weber Tequilana Blue Agave to mature and produce an 'Agave Pina' unequalled elsewhere in the world.
- Like premium wine grapes, the sugar acid balance must be perfect before harvest.
- Patron tequilas are the only tequilas truly produced in the traditional handmade fashion. After harvest the 'pina' are carefully selected, trimmed and then slowly steam baked. When cooked to perfection the 'pina' is macerated with large, natural, stone-milling wheels. The fermentation is done with the fibre of the 'pina' which helps impart its unique flavour and smoothness. After a double distillation process the tequila is aged in small oak barrels. When properly aged the tequila is fine filtered and ready for careful hand bottling.
- Each bottle is individually signed and given a unique bottle number due to the limited number produced.
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Patron Silver

3.5 /5

Qualité assez haut de gamme à un prix réduit
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