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Tequila Patrón Añejo


Tequila Patrón Añejo

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Tequila is one of the liquors typical of Mexican lands, and one of the best icons of this tradition is Tequila Patrón Añejo; a product that is made from the blue Weber agave and produced following the traditional method.

Tequila Patrón Añejo goes through a meticulous year-long aging process that gives the flavors and aromas greater intensity, and that amber color typical of a good tequila.

Thanks to its unparalleled quality and its excellent consumer reception, Tequila Patrón Añejo is recognized as a flagship product of the Hacienda Patrón Distillery.

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Technical sheet

Category:Tequila (Spirits)
Producer: The Patrón Spirits Company
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L and 75cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Mexico
Type Of Tequila: Añejo

Description of Tequila Patrón Añejo

Tequila Patrón Añejo


  • Color: amber soft.
  • Odor: oak, raisins and vanilla.
  • Taste: in oak especially with a lightly smoked and caramelized finish.

PRODUCER: Hacienda pattern.


Production details: The Tequila Patrón Añejo is a distillation still prepared in the traditional and an almost maniacal way to detail. It occurs with Weber blue agave juice, the main ingredient. The agave is harvested when the sugar concentration reaches its maximum: 8 years. With a sharp tool called a "coa" will remove the heart of the plant, which is simmered in small brick kilns. As a result, with a stone mill miller in well 2 tons of volcanic stone, the juice is squeezed and allowed to ferment spontaneously for three days, before starting the slow process of distillation. The result is crystal clear tequila used to know. The Tequila Patrón Añejo, however, also has its long maturation time: 12 months in oak barrels to acquire softness and color. But there is more, details make the difference. As a trade is distilled, so is the bottle. Each of them, in fact, is "perfectly imperfect", handmade by master glassmakers in Mexico, as well as the Portuguese and French stopper cork glass designed by Lalique hand. Tequila Patrón Añejo to fresh, clean taste, or cocktails and mixed.


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The Producer

The Patrón Spirits Company

The Patrón Spirits Company

The Patrón Spirit Company was founded in Mexico in 1989. Since then, the world of tequila has never been the same. While the company has branched out into other spirits – rum, vodka, and liqueurs – it is most well-known for its tequilas. Patrón tequilas were the first ultra-premium tequilas on the market and continue to be one of the best-selling brands in the USA. Made in small batches with care, this brand just keeps getting stronger.

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Reviews of Tequila Patrón Añejo


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Je préfère la don Julio reposado
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Tequila Patrón Añejo

4 /5

- Patron Anejo is a delicate blend of uniquely aged tequilas. As in many premium red wines the blends must be adjusted for each vintage. The same care and attention is paid when blending Patron Anejo. All the aged tequilas are aged in small, white oak barrels.
- Patron Tequila, like the great wines and congacs of the world, is exceptional for a reason. It begins with the finest growing region in Mexico. High in the mountains of Jalisco exists a region which allows with perfect soil and climate which allows the sugar and acid balances of the Weaber Tequilana Blue Agave to mature and produce an 'Agave Pina' unequalled elsewhere in the world.
- Like premium wine grapes, the sugar acid balance must be perfect before harvest.
- Patron tequilas are the only tequilas truly produced in the traditional handmade fashion.
- After harvest the 'pina' are carefully selected, trimmed and then slowly steam baked.
- When cooked to perfection, the 'pina' is macerated with large, natural, stone-milling wheels. The fermentation is done with the fibre of the 'pina' which helps impart its unique flavour and smoothness. After a double distillation process the tequila is aged in small oak barrels. When properly aged the tequila is fine filtered and ready for careful hand bottling.
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Patron Anejo

5 /5

Une tequila haut de gamme incontournable!
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5 /5

ecxelente .. gracias¡¡
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