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El Jimador Reposado


El Jimador Reposado

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El Jimador Reposado is an authentic Mexican tequila made and bottled in Amatitán, Jalisco, in western Mexico. Jimador is the name that is given to the master harvesters of the blue Weber agave plant that is used to make tequila. As El Jimador Reposado is made using 100% blue agave, there is no more fitting name for this world-famous tequila.

To make their 100% natural tequilas, the jimadors begin by harvesting the hearts of mature agave plants, which are native to this area. These agave hearts are then processed, mixed with water, and left in to rest in open air tanks until natural fermentation takes place. This young Silver tequila is then aged in American oak barrels for at least two months. It is during this maturation period that El Jimador Reposado gains its golden colour and richness. The American oak ageing gives the tequila an aroma of fruit, spices, vanilla, and toasted wood.

The most authentic way to enjoy El Jimador Reposado is to pour it into a glass and sip slowly, savouring it. You can also enjoy this exquisite tequila in classic cocktails or use it to create something new and exciting. It will pair well with fish, either raw or grilled, and tacos or other Mexican dishes.

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Technical sheet

Category:Tequila (Spirits)
Producer: El Jimador
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Mexico
Type Of Tequila: Reposado

Description of El Jimador Reposado

El Jimador Reposado


  • View: This tequila "Reposado" is a delicate yellow.
  • Nose: The aromas wafting from El Jimador Reposado are soft and fruity, with notes of cooked agave.
  • Palate: After an acute attack, the mouth is round with flavors of agave very present, along with spices and citrus. The final length is delicately woody.

Age: 2 months.

PRODUCER: The "Jimador" is probably responsible distillation (master distiller) the most important in the success of a good tequila person. Armed with its type "winged" sharp spade flat, one has to estimate the state of maturation of agave leaves and sharp cutting to keep only the pineapple (heart) named for its resemblance to a pineapple. Owned by Brown-Forman, the brand is the most sold in Mexico, and one of the most famous in the US, thanks to a traditional production and genuine flavors.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: El Jimador Reposado is a "Reposado" tequila, ie after distillation, which will spend a few weeks in oak barrels, in contrast to a young tequila. This gives both the additional color and woody, and fully develop their flavors while maintaining a certain freshness.


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The Producer

El Jimador

El Jimador

Jimador is the name given to collectors masters of the blue agave plant Weber tequilana which tequila is made. Of all the artisans who pour their heart, soul and skills in the manufacture of our fine tequilas, is the jimador who perfectly embodies the hard work, dedication, spirit and pride that distinguishes our product family.

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Barato pero estupendo.Desde que lo probé en México no bebo otro.
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El Jimador Reposado

4 /5

- El Jimador was created in 1994 and is now the Number One selling tequila in Mexico.
- El Jimador tequilas are produced and estate bottled in the heart of Mexico's tequila region, using 100% locally grown, high quality blue agave.
- El Jimador Reposado is light golden tequila with wood and caramel on the nose.
- A menthol, peppery taste and a long, warm finish. Reposado is aged in virgin oak barrels for two months before bottling.
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Jimador Reposado

3 /5

Bon rapport qualite prix
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Tequila El Jimador Reposado

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