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El Jimador Blanco


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El Jimador Blanco is a beautiful silver tequila straight out of western Mexico. Crafted and bottled on the Casa Herradura estate in Jalisco, El Jimador makes authentic Mexican tequilas that are 100% natural. The name of the company is drawn from the traditional name for the master harvesters of the agave plant: jimador. Without blue Weber agave, tequila, as we know and love it, simply would not be possible.

The jimadors harvest all of the blue agave for El Jimador Blanco by hand. It is the hearts of these plants that are processed and mixed with water. As this is a 100% natural tequila, the tequila is left to ferment naturally in open air tanks, no additives needed. The final product is then double-distilled to ensure that it is pure and smooth enough to have the authentic character of El Jimador Blanco.

Bottled directly after distillation, El Jimador Blanco is a young, crystal-clear tequila that shines with the taste of the 100% blue agave from which it is made. Crisp and fruity, this quality tequila is perfect for mixing. Put El Jimador Blanco to work in your next margarita to get the taste of a true Mexican tequila made with care. Also good as a sipping tequila, when flying solo, El Jimador Blanco is best enjoyed at room temperature.

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Technical sheet

Category:Tequila (Spirits)
Producer: El Jimador
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 38%
Country: Mexico
Number Of Distillations: 2 Distillations
Type Of Tequila: Silver

Description of El Jimador Blanco

El Jimador Blanco


  • Colour: El Jimador Blanco is crystal clear.
  • Aroma: A fresh citrus nose with a subtle and light woody note.
  • Taste: A smooth balance of fruity, herbal, and spicy flavours, with grapefruit and honey to the fore, into a warming blue agave finish.

PRODUCER: El Jimador takes its name from the jimadors, whose job it is to harvest the blue Weber agave that goes into its award-winning tequilas. Its historic Casa Herradura hacienda in Amatitán, Jalisco, is where it cultivates and crafts high-quality ingredients and spirits with no added fillers or colouring.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: El Jimador Blanco has won over twenty awards, including the Tequila Masters Gold Medal. It is bottled immediately after distillation, to enhance and preserve its clarity of flavour and appearance. Jimadors not only carry out the physical labour of the agave harvest, but have the skilled job of determining when a plant is perfectly ready. El Jimador Blanco is both proof of and a tribute to this skill. This classically-styled Lowlands tequila has the spice profile for a perfect margarita, but is tasty and smooth enough to be enjoyed unadorned and on ice. Or bring out its fresh citrus character still further by mixing a gorgeous Paloma cocktail, which tops up El Jimador Blanco with grapefruit soda and fresh lime to taste.


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The Producer

El Jimador

El Jimador

Jimador is the name given to collectors masters of the blue agave plant Weber tequilana which tequila is made. Of all the artisans who pour their heart, soul and skills in the manufacture of our fine tequilas, is the jimador who perfectly embodies the hard work, dedication, spirit and pride that distinguishes our product family.

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Vous la trouverez dans la plupart des épiceries (OXXO) du Mexique, cette tequila est vraiment bas de gamme. La version blanco n'est pas mieux. A éviter ou à mixer avec des sodas pour faire passer le goût.
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Tequila bas de gamme

3 /5

Bulk. Funkar gött det
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4 /5

- El Jimador is made in the historic village of Amatitan in the State of Jalisco and named after the expert Jimador's who harvest the blue agave and judge when the plant is precisely ready for production.
- Now made from 100% blue agave, El Jimador Blanco is a crystal clear tequila with rounded, cooked agave on the nose.
- It has a peppery taste with hint of citrus and a clean, warm finish.
- The Blanco tequila is bottled immediately - intensifying the clean, clear appearance and taste.
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Jimador Blanco

4.5 /5

pour moi elle est utilisée exclusivement pour des cocktails, margarita, téquila sunrise, vampiro, donc excellent produit pour ces utilisations, de plus le rapport qualité/prix est TOP, je n' irai pas ailleurs, c' était ma seconde commande... ...
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Jimador Blanco

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