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Monin Pure Cane Sugar


Monin Pure Cane Sugar

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The base syrup for many classic cocktails, MONIN Pure Cane Sugar syrup is made with 100% pure cane sugar and filtered water.

Sugarcane is a tall perennial grass native to the tropical regions of South Asia, which grows several metres in height and accounts for 80% of the sugar produced. A Caribbean sugarcane plantation amassing a vast number of canes makes for a spectacular sight.

Pure Cane Sugar syrup is a superb substitute for granulated sugar as it dissolves instantly in hot and chilled drinks. Sweeten up your teas, cocktails, smoothies and fruit punches with MONIN Pure Cane Sugar syrup.

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Technical sheet

Category:Syrup (Soft drinks and Mixers,Other drinks)
Producer: Monin
Volume: 70cl
Country: France

Description of Monin Pure Cane Sugar

Monin Pure Cane Sugar

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Pure Cane Sugar Syrup. Made using natural ingredients only, Monin Pure Cane Sugar is fabricated from sugarcane. No artificial flavours, colours, or aromas are used, neither are preservatives or additional sweeteners other than the extraction from the cane. This syrup is specially designed to dissolve easily in many drinks, both hot and cold. The light yellow and inconspicuous appearance, and the lack of emanating aromas make this an ideal sweetener for spirit-based cocktails as it will only enhance the natural flavour of the spirit without disrupting its nature. Its versatility, however, make Monin Pure Cane Sugar perfect to fabricate hot tea-based and coffee-based beverages. Premium ingredients, vegan certification, Kosher, gluten-free, and dairy-free, this is the perfect choice for those looking for a natural sweetener without violating any dietary restrictions.

PRODUCER: Monin Inc.

OTHER INFORMATION: The company started in 1912 in a small kitchen in Bourges, in the heart of France, when Georges Monin set out on a quest to find a way to add some sweet flavour into a wide range of beverages. Three generations and over 100 years later, Monin is still recognized both in France and worldwide as an excellent alternative to bring out the life and sweetness of your favourite concoction.

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The Brand



In Monin's world of creative exquisites, quality, innovation, versatility and good service are priorities.

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4 /5

- An essential cocktail ingredient of superb quality and tradition is what separates Monin's range from the rest renowned for their rich and natural flavours.
- Monin syrups are made from natural fruits, nuts, spices, water and sugar.
- Monin syrups do not include any fat or cholesterol.
- For best results keep refrigerated and use within 4 weeks.
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