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Monín Curaçao Blue


Monín Curaçao Blue

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Monin is a premium French brand that has been known for its flavours for more than a century. The company has been providing bartenders - both in bars and at home - the tools they need to craft the drinks they want. With more than 200 different creative and natural flavours on offer, Monin is sure to have the flavour you were looking for, or even one that you had never dreamed of!

From the wide portfolio of products, Monin Blue Curaçao is a must-have for any bar. The ingredient list is quite basic: water, sugar, natural orange flavourings, and blue colouring. These oranges are sourced from the West Indian Island of Curaçao, the green peels of which are dried before adding their soul to the deep blue waves of this syrup. This orange-flavoured classic, with its deep blue colouring, will add the visual touch you need while giving a citrus kiss to the final mix.

Taste the tart orange flavour of Curaçao, a tropical paradise, in every drop of Monin Blue Curaçao. The aroma will draw you in and the flavour will add the orange notes you need to any cocktail. The most extraordinary aspect is the blue colouring, reminiscent of the waves breaking on the shore of an exotic island, which you can trust to remain a deep blue even when diluted.

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Technical sheet

Category:Syrup (Soft drinks and Mixers,Other drinks)
Producer: Monin
Volume: 70cl
Country: France


Monín Curaçao Blue

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Monín Curaçao Blue is a clear, royal blue hue with turquoise glints. It has enervating scents of aniseed, black peppercorn, and orange sherbet. On the palate, a lightly syrupy texture carries notes of iris, mint, and bitter orange zest. Beginning as a liqueur, curacao was flavoured with the dried peel of green oranges from Curacao, an island in the West Indies. It was discovered accidentally, developed, and marketed in the nineteenth century by a Spanish family living in Curacao. There are still alcoholic Blue Curacao products on the market, but this product is a non-alcoholic syrup version of the liqueur. It can be used to add glorious colour and flavour to cocktails, mocktails, fruit punches, shooters, milkshakes, and sodas. Whenever you need a tropical ocean vibe and appearance, you can have Monín Curaçao Blue ready and waiting.

PRODUCER: Founded in France in 1912 by George Monin, this very traditional company is still owned and run by the Monin family. George's grandson Oliver oversees manufacturing plants located on three continents, crafting more than 140 flavours of syrup for use in alcoholic beverages, soft drinks, and hot drinks such as tea, coffee, and hot chocolate.

OTHER INFORMATION: Monín Curaçao Blue is suitable for vegetarians, and is caffeine-free.

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The Brand



In Monin's world of creative exquisites, quality, innovation, versatility and good service are priorities.

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4 /5

- Colour: Deep blue even when it dilutes.
- Taste: Orange skin smell, candy bitter orange taste.
- The deep blue colour will amaze you and others, especially children. Try to combine it with a citrus flavour in soda applications.
- An old time cocktail classic, Blue Curaçao is known for its deep blue colour, tart orange flavour and tropical credentials.
- Flavoured with the dry peel of the green oranges, which are descended from Valencia oranges, from the West Indian Island of Curacao, this liqueur embodies this tropical island paradise with its beaches and coral reefs. Discovered by accident, the drink was originally marketed by a Spanish family from Curacao in the 19th century.
- The amazing deep blue of Monin Blue Curacao syrup evokes the sea lapping the beautiful Curacao beaches and adds an exotic touch to cocktails and sodas with its aromatic orange peel scent and candy bitter taste.
- For best results keep refrigerated and use within 4 weeks.
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