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Giffard Egg White Syrup


£7.10 (Approximate price)

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Giffard Egg White is an innovative solution to create egg white-based cocktails in a fast and simple way. Cocktails such as Amaretto sour, Whisky sour, Pisco sour all benefit from the texture, foam and taste added by egg white.

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Technical sheet

Category:Syrup (Soft drinks and Mixers,Other drinks)
Producer: Giffard
Volume: 70cl
Country: France

Elaboration of Giffard Egg White Syrup

Giffard Egg White Syrup

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Giffard Egg White Syrup is an innovative solution to create egg white-based cocktails (like sours) bringing taste, texture and foam, in a fast and simple way and with complete food safety.


OTHER INFORMATION: Drink it in cocktails: Amaretto sour, Whisky sour, Pisco sour.

Use the Dry-Shake technique: Put all the ingredients in a shaker. Shake vigorously. Add ice cubes to refresh, shake again for a few seconds. Strain and pour into a chilled glass.

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The Brand



The Giffard distillery was founded in 1885 by Émile Giffard, pharmacist in Angers. He researches various beverages and develops a mint-based liqueur with refreshing and digestive properties.

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- Egg white in cocktails promises consistency, creamy texture as well as a beautiful foamy cap. Moreover, it is supposed to reduce acidity and bitterness. When working with raw eggs, you will have to strictly adhere and control food and hygiene regulations. This Egg white syrup made by Giffard allows an efficient working with egg white without loosing any advantages. The syrup contains real egg white and sugar. Therefore, you should reduce or eliminate the sugar syrup or sweet liqueurs in your recipe.
- After opening, this egg white syrup should be stored in a cool place and used within the next three weeks.
- Use this syrup to prepare classical Sours, Margaritas, Fizzes, Collins or Daiquiris as well as your own drinks.
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