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Spirits & Cheese: pairing

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Wine and cheese are two inseparable companions. Apart from being typical products of the most classic wine country producers (France, Italy, Spain, Greece for many years...), fatty taste helped traders to sell their wines hiding defects in them. For pairing wine and soft cheese you can choose red young wine or a cool pink wine like, Cuyo, Loire, Emilia Romagna, Cigales, Rueda and California. For aged cheeses, red wines from La Mancha, Côtes du Rhone, Australia, Pinot Noir from Washington and Barbaresco are great. Hard cheeses combine well with Austrian and German red wines, such as Brunello, Burgundy and the Bierzo and Priorat wines. Some special cheeses like Asturian, Liébana or Roquefort, can be paired easily with very honeyed sweet wines or late harvest white wines.

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