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Coco Real Coconut Puree


Coco Real Coconut Puree

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Reàl Cocktail Ingredients was founded with a simple goal: taking the coconut out of the can. Cans are simply hard to use in a bar setting and it is difficult to store any leftovers. With so many coconut-based cocktails out there, there was a clear need for a higher quality cream of coconut, and Coco Reàl arrived to fulfil that need. From there, the company expanded its puree options. It now offers a range of beautiful fruit flavours made with mixology in mind. Today, we are going to focus on Coco Reàl.

This coconut puree contains nothing more than pure fruit puree and all-natural cane sugar. Both coconut meat and coconut milk are included to get the maximum - and most genuine - coconut flavour. The squeeze bottle ensures that the product is fresh, easy to use, and easy to store. On top of that, the recipe was specifically designed to keep the puree from separating while in storage.

With its wide-mouth bottle, Coco Reàl allows for easy access to the fruit so that you can make the cocktail of your dreams. Smoothies, daiquiris, coladas, and more can all benefit from this product. The authentic flavour of coconut is closer than ever, ready to join in culinary mixes as well, such as curries, desserts, and marinades.

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Technical sheet

Category:Soft drinks and Mixers (Other drinks)
Producer: Finest Call
Volume: 50cl
Country: United States

Description of Coco Real Coconut Puree

Coco Real Coconut Puree

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Coco Real Coconut Puree is a non-alcoholic coconut sauce designed to be mixed in cocktails. This thick and delicious paste is made with real coconut meat and coconut milk. The unmistakable coconut cream flavour has just the right amount of sweetness and a beautiful authentic texture. This sauce is perfect for classic tropical cocktails like coladas or daiquiris but can also invigorate other mixed drinks such as a ginger old fashioned or a fruit-flavoured negroni. Non-alcoholic drinks like smoothies or even hot chocolate can also be spiced up with a dollop of Coco Real Coconut Puree . This incredibly versatile sauce can also be used in baking, for example as the sauce for bread pudding or even baked into piña colada-inspired cupcakes.

PRODUCER: Reàl Cocktail Ingredients was created in 2008 with Coco Real Coconut Puree as its flagship product. The company has since expanded to making a wide variety of cocktail ingredients. Reàl believes in the importance of using high-quality ingredients, and therefore ensures that every product contains pure fruit puree that is up to high standards of quality and freshness.

OTHER INFORMATION: Coco Real Coconut Puree comes in a convenient squeeze bottle that makes the product easily accessible to both professional and amateur bartenders alike. No refrigeration required.

Ingredients: coconut juice (pressed coconut meat and water), sugar, glycerol, salt, citric acid, mono and diglycerides, sodium alginate, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, sorbitan monostearate, natural rosemary extract, BHA

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Excellent addition to cocktails
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Coco Real Coconut Puree

4 /5

- Coco Re'al is probably the most versatile coconut puree.
- 'Not only is it essential when making a Pina Colada, it's great in any coconut cocktail or dish that requires a natural coconut flavour to bring that tropical taste to your dining and drinking experience.' - Ian Burrell, Global Rum Ambassador, Founder, RumFest.
- Coco Re'al contains real coconut meat as well as coconut milk and gives a fresh, intense coconut flavour and texture to any cocktail. It is also great in rice and curry dishes, baking sweat breads, buns, biscuits and cheesecakes, ice cream, desserts, sorbets and even as a marinade for white meats and fish.
- Simply squeeze Coco Re'al into cocktails.
- Upside down bottle design guarantees easy flow from beginning to end.
- Exclusive oxygen barrier protects delicate coconut oils.
- 30-day shelf life at ambient temperature, once opened.
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