Sambuca Luxardo Dei Cesari


Sambuca Luxardo Dei Cesari

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The Luxardo distillery was founded in 1821. Now, nearly 200 years later, it is still owned and operated by the Luxardo family, who now finds itself in its sixth generation. Among the many classic Italian liqueurs in the Luxardo line lies the classic Sambuca Luxardo dei Cesari. This liqueur is the Italian version of the antique Mediterranean tradition of anise-based liqueurs.

Brought to the Mediterranean from China and known for its therapeutic properties, versions of anise-based liqueurs can be found in France, Spain, Italy, Turkey, and Greece. To make its Sambuca Luxardo dei Cesari, the seeds of star anise are steam distilled and then added to a base of pure alcohol. Then, sugar and other natural aromas are added to complete this famous and well-loved liqueur.

The word sambuca is derived from the Arab word "zammut", which means anise. You can enjoy this sharp, rounded Sambuca dei Cesari in a number of ways: neat, frozen, flaming, or on the rocks. Add three coffee beans to the glass for a classic touch. It serves equally well as an ingredient in cocktails. Sambuca Luxardo dei Cesari is traditionally enjoyed after a meal as a well-balanced digestif. It can also be paired with chocolate.

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Technical sheet

Category:Sambuca (Liquors & creams,Spirits)
Producer: Cesari
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 38%
Country: Italy

Description of Sambuca Luxardo Dei Cesari

Sambuca Luxardo Dei Cesari


  • Colour: This beverage is entirely clear.
  • Aroma: An array of spices and botanicals give this drink its unique smell. The most prevalent scents include that of star anise and sugar. This gives off an overall sweet aroma.
  • Taste: The taste of this liqueur matches up nicely to its scent. As a liqueur, it is sweeter than the average alcoholic beverage. Oddly enough, it's alcohol content is about average for a distilled drink. Because of both of these factors, this drink should go down smoothly. Drinkers are sure to notice an anise (black liquorice) flavour as well.

PRODUCER: The recipes used today for the Luxardo products were first thought of by Girolamo Luxardo, and his wife Maria Canevari, in the early 1800s. Their distillery officially opened in 1821. Over the years, the recipes and the distillery were passed down through generations of the Luxardo family.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Luxardo does not give much detail when it comes to the secret of their distillery. What we do know is that the drink is made from Luxardo spring water. Rumour has it that the recipe itself is an old as the distillery. The anise used in the alcohol likely comes from near the distillery, as it is commonly grown in the Mediterranean.


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Taste sweet and aniseed.
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Sambuca Luxardo Dei Cesari

4 /5

- Luxardo Sambuca - the authentic Italian after-dinner liqueur.
- The Luxardo family have been making their world famous liqueurs since 1821. Their Sambuca is an infusion of green Sicilian aniseed, plump Paduan elderberries and the purest grain alcohol. Luxardo Sambuca is rounded and smoothed by six months gentle maturation in Finnish wood vats.
- You should serve Sambuca in a liqueur glass with three roasted coffee beans floating on top. Set it ablaze to provide the ideal conclusion to dinner in true flamboyant Italian style. Extinguish the flame and sip the warmed drink with pleasure.
- Legend has it that three coffee beans are the symbol for romance.
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Luxardo Sambuca Dei Cesari

3.5 /5

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Sambuca Luxardo Dei Cesari is awesome