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Molinari Sambuca Extra


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Is there really an Italian who has never at least heard of the Molinari Sambuca Extra ? Few, however, know the recipe, which the family Molinari has jealously guarded since 1945. It is a precious product of the highest quality, so much so that it deserves the Extra denomination, the star anise flavour of the Molinari Sambuca Extra has become one of those flavours that tastes of home and tradition.

How to drink the Sambuca? Everyone does it their own way! There are those who drink it smooth, some as a drink and some as a bitter digestive; there are those who dilute it with water or ice, and those who instead set it on fire and serve it flambé; there are those who use it to add some flavour to the coffee and those who, instead, put a coffee bean in their glass of Sambuca. In short, there's something for everyone!

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Technical sheet

Category:Sambuca (Liqueurs & crèmes,Spirits)
Producer: Molinari
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Italy

Description of Molinari Sambuca Extra

Molinari Sambuca Extra


  • Color: Molinari Sambuca Extra is colourless
  • Flavor: Anise flavour
  • Taste: Anise flavour

PRODUCER: Molinary Italia S.P.a


PRODUCTION DETAILS: traditional Italian liqueur that is flavoured with essential oil extracted from star anise through steam distillation. Finished by adding selected sugars and natural flavourings


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How to serve

Consumption temp.


The Producer


Molinari as a word that is now synonymous with Sambuca. As the company is such an institution in the world of Sambuca, it seems as though it would have been around for quite a long time. But Molinari was founded in 1945 and did not begin mass production until 1959. Not that it matters. Molinari Sambuca Extra is as good as it has ever been and will be sticking around for a long time to come.

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Reviews of Molinari Sambuca Extra


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Sambuca Extra Molinari

5 /5

First time I've had this sambuca & it was fine.
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Sambuca Extra Molinari

4 /5

- Created in 1945 by Angelo Molinari and now one of Italy's most celebrated masterpieces- a smooth, rich, full-bodied liqueur he proudly named Molinari Sambuca.
- Molinari Sambuca is the best selling liqueur in Italy and the most cherished Sambuca in the world.
- Molinari Sambuca is the only brand permitted by Italian law to use the term 'Extra' because of its extra quality.
- This is not just for a better quality & taste, but also ignites better when flamed in the traditional manner.
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Molinari Extra

5 /5

Le meilleur sambuca du monde.
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Sambuca Molinari

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