Stroh 80

Sebastian Stroh (Rum)

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The Stroh 80 is one of the highest grade rums we can find, 80 degrees. It is made in Austria and is for sale in 30 countries. This rum has inherited the name of its creator, Sebastian Stroh who created the company Stroh Rum in 1832.

This rum is well known in Austria where it has been marketed since 1832 under the name of "Stroh Inländer-Rum" and is made from molasses sugar cane and has several spices and aromas that give it a very personal air.

Technical sheet · Stroh 80

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Sebastian Stroh
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
50cl and 1L
Alcohol Vol.: 80%
Country: Austria
Type Of Rum: Dark

Description · Sebastian Stroh

Stroh 80


  • Colour: Stroh 80 has a rich, light brown colour with golden hues.
  • Aroma: Very rich and spicy bouquet, Sweet scents of caramel and vanilla mingle with the woody, liqueur character.
  • Taste: Sweet, sugary notes dance on the palate, with accompanying notes of butterscotch and potpourri. The finish is long, with nutty hints of almond and clover.

PRODUCER: Stroh Inländer.

COUNTRY: Austria.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Created in 1832, this fantastic rum is a product made completely on Austrian lands with Austrian ingredients. Stroh 80 is fabricated from the molasses extracted from Demerara sugar cane, which infuses this distillate with a marvellous sweet character and a lot of aromaticity. These qualities, in addition to its more distinguishable feature, namely the exceptionally high alcoholic graduation, have earned this spirit an unmistakable spot in the Austrian classic patisserie. As the main ingredient in many desserts and mixed drinks, this is a favourite of bartenders, pastry chefs, and housewives alike. If you feel bold and adventurous, try this spirit neat for a sip, but do proceed with caution. Or if you are only getting to know this liqueur, try a little splash in hot chocolate on a cold winter night to warm up your palate.


Sebastian Stroh

Stroh rum, in its distinctive brown bottle, is a popular brand of Austrian rums . Starting out as a schnapps producer back in 1832, the brand is now in the head of its field, offering a rum that has become essential for a number of Austrian specialities – both foods and drinks. Available in a...

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Highlighted review about Stroh 80

Dominique Selle

Posted on at 10.45


Stroh 80

3/4 + 1/4 rum coke allows drinking normally, 2/3 + 1/3 rum coke we better appreciate its intense sweetness.
for purists: nature and there is a firework in the mouth.

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Brian King

Posted on at 17.49

5 /5

mario valsecchi

Posted on at 14.09

5 /5

Jérôme Salez

Posted on at 08.58

5 /5

Stroh Ron

It's tough.
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