Rum Foursquare Principia

Habitation Velier (Rum)

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The rum, Rum Foursquare Principia , is produced by Habitation Velier with roots in France with an alcohol content of 62%. Drinks&Co users give this Rum Foursquare Principia 4 of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Rum Foursquare Principia

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Habitation Velier
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 62%
Country: France

Description · Habitation Velier

Rum Foursquare Principia


  • Colour: This rum has a colour between orange and dark brown. In the glass, some sediment can be seen. This is because this rum is not filtered.
  • Aroma: This rum smells mostly of a mix of spice and pure alcohol. Oak spices stand out the most, as do scents of bourbon and sherry.
  • Taste: This rum is anything but usual. Most dark rums like this usually taste primarily of spices and vanilla. However, this rum has an added dimension of flavour. While it still has the flavours of vanilla and spice, it also has a fruity level. Flavours of grape, plums, and other dark fruits linger in the glass. This is due to the rum's ageing in a variety of barrels.

PRODUCER: The Foursquare Distillery lies on old plantation grounds, which have been producing cane sugar since the 1600s. As of 2019, the distillery owns just over three hectares of land, which makes it an extremely small distillery.

COUNTRY: Barbados, West Indies

PRODUCTION DETAILS: This is a single-blend rum, meaning there are no additives. Instead, the rum gets its flavour from the way it is aged. First, the rum is aged for three years in old bourbon Afterward, the rum continues to age in old sherry casks for another six years before the rum is bottled.


Habitation Velier

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Highlighted review about Rum Foursquare Principia

House Of Malt

Posted on at 05.14


Foursquare Principia Single Rum

This is the third "Velier" Foursquare release. Richard however is at pains to make clear this is still very much a Foursquare product overseen right up to bottling by Richard himself. Luca and Velier are the distributor of the rum.

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Passione Vino

Posted on at 03.44

4 /5

Alcohol: 62
Contents: 0, 70 l
Foursquare Rum Principia is the third collaboration between Richard Seale and
Luca Gargano, after the success of Foursquare in 2006 and Triptych. It is a single
blended distilled in 2008 and aged in two different types of wood: 3 years
ex-bourbon casks and 6 years in oak ex-sherry. Its name comes from the theme of the return

at first, because the first rum Foursquare for export was Doorly's XO,
which it provided for the note finishing in a former sherry casks. The bottling
Full Proof is at 62% ABV

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