Ron Pujol 1L


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Ron Pujol is a rum from the Cataluña region of Spain. In the 17th century, the movement of sailors around the world led to rum from the West Indies making its way to the Costa Brava and to the hearts of the Spaniards living there. This new spirit became so popular that Ron Pujol was founded in 1818, remaining successful ever since.

To make Ron Pujol, a base of excellent sugar cane liquor is needed. Sugar cane is cut by hand at the peak of maturity and is processed until a fine cane liquor is obtained. That is then matured in oak barrels until a product worthy of the name Ron Pujol is obtained. In Cataluña, Ron Pujol is traditionally used to make ron cremat, "burnt rum". This drink is made using lemon peel, coffee beans, sugar and cinnamon that is set on fire. This recipe makes the perfect warm drink for a cold night spent on the beach singing sea shanties!

This amber-coloured spirit is unmistakable. It is 100% rum in smell and taste. Its softness on the palate makes this rum the perfect addition to a shot of espresso. This is because Ron Pujol was made for mixing. Try it in any of your favourite rum-based cocktails.

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Technical sheet

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Bardinet
Volume: 100cl
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Spain
Type Of Rum: Golden

Description of Ron Pujol 1L

Ron Pujol 1L


  • Colour: **Ron Pujol 1L has an amber colour.
  • Flavour: slightly burning smell
  • Taste: intense and unmistakable flavour

PRODUCER: Bardinet


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Most suitable, handcut cane is used for the production of this brandy. The cane is extracted by means of large mills and its juice is purified by using very complex and sensitive processes. The clarified juice is fermented slowly. The cane liquor is finally obtained by destillation in special stills. After that the spirit is matured in oak casks to develop all its aromas and characteristics that have granted so much fame to RON PUJOL .

ALCOHOL: 40% Vol.**

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The Producer



Created in 1857, Bardinet has remained a standard-setting company in the production of Rum, thanks to its flagship brand "Negrita" which remains an illustrious example of traditional rum.

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Ron Pujol 1L

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