Plantation Rum Guyana Old Reserve 2005

Rhum Plantation (Rum)

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Rhum Plantation produces the Plantation Rum Guyana Old Reserve 2005 (£36.97), a rum with roots in United States with an alcoholic level of 45%. The Drinks&Co community values the Plantation Rum Guyana Old Reserve 2005 with 4 of 5 points and obtained the following expert scores: peñín: 91.

Technical sheet · Plantation Rum Guyana Old Reserve

Vintage: 2005 Other vintages
1999, 1990 and N/A
Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Rhum Plantation
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 45%
Country: United States

Description · Rhum Plantation

Plantation Rum Guyana Old Reserve 2005


  • Color: Plantation Guyana 2005 shows an amber colour
  • Smell: Nose of oak and caramel jam. Hints of praline and vanilla, with a development of almond oil and Demerara sugar.
  • Mouth: Fruits and baked marzipan with hints of cinnamon, caramel and almond oil. Very spicy and fruity. Final cedar and cinnamon with a touch of orange peel

DETAILS PREPARED: was distilled in pot stills before matured in bourbon casks. Then he was sent to France to finish on own Ferrand Cognac barrels.


Rhum Plantation

Passionate, curious, in love with beautiful and good things, Alexandre Gabriel is a committed perfectionist, in search of the most advanced production methods. "A great Cognac, a great Rum, is above all the sharing of a strong emotion due to a perfect execution. We are, in a way, the craftsmen of...

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Highlighted review about Plantation Rum Guyana Old Reserve 2005

Vinos Baco

Posted on at 04.22


Plantation Rum Guyana Old Reserve 2005

- Tasting notes: Color old gold, with ruby ​​hues. He has developed a unique aroma, subtle and full of delicacy because of its long aging in oak barrels. Taste: balanced, complex and extensive with a long and with a slightly peaty and smoky finish.

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Garrafeira Nacional

Posted on at 04.57

4 /5

Maison Ferrand has always had close relationships with the best distilleries in the Caribbean, selling them casks that had once contained its brandy. Ferrand casks are highly prized by certain rum producers that use them to mature their spirits. During these exchanges, Alexandre Gabriel had the opportunity to discover some very old batches of rum with extraordinary richness and a diversity of aroma and flavor. Available in tiny quantities, the rums were intended either for the personal consumption of the distillery's cellar master or used to give style to industrial rum blends. Quite naturally, Maison Ferrand decided to bottle these special rums as a series of rare vintages. And so the Plantation Collection was born... Plantation is now a full range of seven vintage rums and three blended rums made by Ferrand's cellar master. Each rum is the perfect expression of its country of origin, its terroir and its distillery.
Luxurious Drinks BV

Posted on at 15.09

4 /5

C. Ferrand Plantation Old Reserve Rum Guyana 2005

2005 C. Ferrand Plantation Old Reserve Rum Guyana 70 cl is from the famous Demerara region beside the Atlantic Ocean, Plantation Guyana is the result of extra-long fermentation and pot-still distillation. Aged for long years in bourbon casks, it reve...
SW Spirituosen Wolf

Posted on at 05.05

4 /5

Plantation Guyana 2005

Manufacturer Plantation, one of Cocnac Ferrand. Production Plantation Rum is made true local fabrication techniques and without industrial interventions. It is produced in small distilleries and then stored in the warm sun climate of the islands in casks to mature. Plantation offers a variety of rums, which are distinguished by the peculiarities and special flavors of the growing region. The distillation of freshly cut sugar cane is pressed and crushed to extract its juice. This juice is heated slowly to reshape either to molasses, or it is left to ferment and so receives sugar cane juice. These ingredients are then added to the distillation in a boiler. The cane sugar residues are traditionally used as a fuel. Depending on the plantation and country of origin, two different distillation processes of over 700 years of traditional alembic (alembic called) are used to produce a sweet and fragrant rum, or invented in the early 19th century distillation column, are produced by the light, elegant rum. During heating the vapors of the liquid alcohol is first released to subsequently condense during the cooling. This pure and very perfumed distillate now carries the name of rum. Maturation The current coming from the distillation Plantation Rum is bottled in barrels. Usually these are already used barrels they are mostly from oak and may already have been used for aging other spirits, such as bourbon, cognac, sherry. They come from different regions, giving the Plantation rum its distinctive character. Plantation Rum is aged in the tropical climate and refined for several years in the shade of hundred-year-old barrel stock. Thanks to the special climate of the Caribbean rum to develop its full flavor. Every year due to the heat by the evaporation of alcohol loses up to 12% of its volume. This major, known as 'The Angel's Share', volume serves to accelerate the aging process of the Plantation Rum and the full spread of its aromas. Then its alcohol content suitable for consumption for vintage products at 45% vol. Grande Réserve and for 40% by volume. Reduced. All Plantation rums are depending on the vintage limited edition available. Recommendation enjoy Pur at room temperature

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Reviews about Plantation Rum Guyana Old Reserve 1999

Adam Smith
Adam Smith


- Color: Plantation Rum Guyana Old Reserve 1999 golden color with amber tones .
Nose : smoky, with some notes of iodine and flamed bananas , dried figs and raisins. Palate: warm and slightly spicy.
Palate: Fresh Palate with tannins , spices and orange peel . The vanilla and caramel complemented by the spiciness and helps smooth rum. Firm flavors of caramel, some baking spices and a touch of almond. Finish: hot and spicy in the throat , fruity flavors of orange peel and apricots persistent , soft candy sweetness seems a faint echo .
PRODUCER : C. Ferrand


Ron Plantation Guyana Vintage 1999
Color: gold with amber tones. Nose: smoky, with some notes of iodine and flamed bananas, dried figs and raisins. Taste: hot and a little spicy entry. Fresh taste with tannins, spices and orange peel. Vanilla and caramel complement the spicy flavor and helps smooth rum. Strong flavors of caramel, some baking spices and a hint of almond. Finish: hot and spicy in the throat, fruity flavors of orange peel and apricots persistent, mild caramel sweetness seems a faint echo.
Wine Time
Wine Time


Rum Plantation Guyana 1999
Silver Medal 2011, Plantation Guyana Rum is aged for long years in bourbon casks and reveals an incomparable richness of aroma and flavour.Its smoky, slightly iodine nose develops notes of flamed banana, dried fig and currant, while the succulent, well-balanced palate displays an amazing persistence of flavour.
ALCOHOL: 45%Vol.

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