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Rhum Plantation (Rum)

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No other than Rhum Plantation produces the Plantation Rum 3 Stars White (£12.83), a White with roots in Jamaica with 41.2% of alcohol.
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Maison Ferrand was founded in 1989 to preserve artisanal methods of production while allowing for advances in innovation. To that end, the president and owner of Maison Ferrand, Alexandre Gabriel, founded Plantation Rums in 1999. Each country has its own traditions and techniques when it comes to producing rum. To preserve those techniques, Alexandre Gabriel invested in terroirs all over the Caribbean. From each of these countries comes a rum with its own character and identity, which can be tasted in the final product.

Plantation Rum 3 Stars White is a tribute to those different rum-making countries. The three biggest rum-making stars of the region - Barbados, Jamaica, and Trinidad - come together in one perfect blend. From the unaged Barbadian rum comes the rich and balanced palate. The 2-to-3-year-old Trinidadian rum adds elegance to the blend. Finally, a double-shot of Jamaican rum, one unaged and one 10 years old, add structure to the whole. While the aged rums are naturally coloured, the final product is carbon filtered to result in a clear white rum full of flavour and history.

This is the perfect white rum to bring your rum-based drinks to the next level. This is a delicious, well-rounded white rum that asks to be taken seriously. Buy a bottle of Plantation Rum 3 Stars White for your next daiquiri and enjoy the taste of the best of the Caribbean in one fine blended rum.

Technical sheet · Plantation Rum 3 Stars White

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Rhum Plantation
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 41.2%
Country: Jamaica
Type Of Rum: White

Description · Rhum Plantation

Plantation Rum 3 Stars White


  • Vista: The Plantation Rum 3 Stars White is a transparent white rum.
  • Nose: escape the glass is an invitation to travel in the Caribbean, one discerns banana, mango and exotic fruit mix with white flowers.
  • Palate: The attack is sweet, the first mouth is sweet, fruity and floral notes take place before giving way to a long, smooth finish on sugarcane and pepper.

PRODUCER: When a large Ferrand cognac house and decided to concentrate on rum, one can only be excited with the result. And when an assembler as Alejandro Gabriel is at the helm, we know that the result will be outstanding.

COUNTRY: Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: This rum created by the great House Ferrand is a demonstration of the experience of a great cellar master who manages to create a balanced mix of rum and aged rums complex and different backgrounds. Barbados rum is a blend of young rum from molasses, little soggy, those of Jamaica, on the other hand, have soaked up to 2 weeks prior to distillation in the 'pot still', and some up to 10 years of age, and Finally the Trinidad are between 2 and 3 years. Each island brings its velvety and aromatic range, and this could end in discord ends happily in a "mix" of high quality.

ALCOHOL: 41.2%

Rhum Plantation

Passionate, curious, in love with beautiful and good things, Alexandre Gabriel is a committed perfectionist, in search of the most advanced production methods. "A great Cognac, a great Rum, is above all the sharing of a strong emotion due to a perfect execution. We are, in a way, the craftsmen of...

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Highlighted review about Plantation Rum 3 Stars White

Posted on at 03.44


Plantation Rum 3 Stars White

Alcohol: 41, 2
Contents: 0, 7 l

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Posted on at 10.15

5 /5

Rum Plantation 3 Stars White


Posted on at 12.19

5 /5

Plantation Rum 3 Star White

Posted on at 11.43

4 /5

Rum Plantation 3 Star White

TASTING NOTES OF Plantation 3 Stars White Rum:
- Color: Crystal.
- Flavour: hints of dried coconut and guava. A little honey too, and mild spices.
- Taste: spicy entry, creamy vanilla custard, sweet sugar cane honey and even a touch of agave.

PRODUCER: Maison Ferrand.
COUNTRY: Jamaica, Trinidad and Barbados.

ALCOHOL: 41.2%

Posted on at 05.48

3.5 /5

Ron Plantation 3 Stars is a mighty spirit

Posted on at 10.59

4 /5

Plantation 3 Star Ron White is a clever combination of the best of Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. Each island brings its bit in making this rum. Trinidad brings its classic elegance, sophistication and balance Barbados and Jamaica its distinctive and rustic structure. Tasting Notes Ron Plantation 3 Star WhiteRon Plantation 3 Star White is vibrant and well balanced.

Posted on at 12.46

4 /5

Plantation 3 Stars White Rum is the ideal cocktail rum with a keenly vibrant and well balanced profile that stands out compared to other white rums. The point of difference here is that whilst a white rum, the blend uses young, some aged rums and also old rums, with the colour removed via a process of carbon filtration. After distillation, Plantation Rums are aged for a number of years in oak barrels in warm Caribbean cellars and then transported to the cool, ancient cellars of Chateau de Bonbonnet in Cognac. Plantation 3 Stars displays the finesse and style of Trinidad and Barbados, well integrated with the character and fuller flavours of Jamaican rum. On the nose, delicate notes of tropical fruits intertwined with brown sugar, coconut, honey and ripe banana. On the palate it displays subtle spices and floral notes with a finish of sugar cane and vanilla. Daiquiris, Pina Coladas, Mojitos, Mai Tais - this is the rum to elevate your at-home rum cocktails.

Posted on at 05.15

4 /5

- Tasting notes: Fully vibrant and balanced, Plantation 3 Stars shows the elegance and style of Trinidad and Barbados well integrated with the character and more intense flavors of Jamaica. The nose has delicate notes of tropical fruit intertwined with brown sugar and ripe banana. On the palate subtle spices and floral notes with a final cane sugar and vanilla shown.
- DETAILS OF PREPARATION: In production rums of the three islands are employed, with his particular style each, the result of centuries of tradition distillery. Trinidad brings elegance and refinement, Barbados includes the character with notes of fruit aroma and Jamaica brings harmony, structure and finishing touch that makes it a unique rum. The character of each of the islands expressed in a perfect fusion.
- ALCOHOL: 40º

Posted on at 11.35

4 /5

Alcohol: 41.2%; Format: 0. 7l; Serving temperature: 13/15 ° C; Moment to taste it: after dinner with friends; Findings of Tannico: 7/10

Posted on at 04.44

4 /5

Rum Plantation 3 Stars White

Plantation 3 Stars White 0,7L 41,2% Alcohol. Buy Online at Luxurious Drinks.

Posted on at 04.48

4 /5

Rum Plantation 3 Stars White

Maison Ferrand has always had close relationships with the best distilleries in the Caribbean, selling them casks that had once contained its brandy. Ferrand casks are highly prized by certain rum producers that use them to mature their spirits. During these exchanges, Alexandre Gabriel had the opportunity to discover some very old batches of rum with extraordinary richness and a diversity of aroma and flavor. Available in tiny quantities, the rums were intended either for the personal consumption of the distillery's cellar master or used to give style to industrial rum blends. Quite naturally, Maison Ferrand decided to bottle these special rums as a series of rare vintages. And so the Plantation Collection was born... Plantation is now a full range of seven vintage rums and three blended rums made by Ferrand's cellar master. Each rum is the perfect expression of its country of origin, its terroir and its distillery.
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