Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Rum

Rhum Plantation (Rum)

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Rhum Plantation delivers the Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Rum (£37.39), a rum with roots in Trinidad and Tobago. Drinks&Co users give this Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Rum 4 of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Rum

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Rhum Plantation
Volume: 70cl
Country: Trinidad And Tobago

Description · Rhum Plantation

Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Rum


  • Colour: Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Rum has a bright copper, mid-amber colour.
  • Aroma: Rich bouquet, accented with smoky notes of tropical fruit, pineapple, citrus peel, and a touch of clove.
  • Taste: Structured palate marked with flavours of ripe banana, pineapple, and spices, with a smoky, vanilla-infused finish.

PRODUCER: Plantation Rum.

COUNTRY: The Caribbean.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: This beautiful Caribbean rum was designed as a special tribute to the character created by Charles Dickens in the Pickwick Papers, Reverend Stiggins, whose favourite drink was pineapple rum. The barks of Victoria pineapples are infused in Plantation 3 Stars rum for a week prior to further distillation. In a separate process, the pineapple fruit is infused in Plantation Original Dark rum for three months. The two are then blended together for three months to create this marvellous liquor. With ingredients from all the Caribbean islands, this is a complex rum, rich and intense with a profound structure and the maturity that can only be achieved in France. The smoky quality adds texture to this pineapple exquisite concoction. The sensation is smooth on the mouth, and the pineapple scents are present, but not overpowering, making this a very easy to drink liquor best enjoyed neat.


Rhum Plantation

Passionate, curious, in love with beautiful and good things, Alexandre Gabriel is a committed perfectionist, in search of the most advanced production methods. "A great Cognac, a great Rum, is above all the sharing of a strong emotion due to a perfect execution. We are, in a way, the craftsmen of...

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Highlighted review about Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Rum


Posted on at 12.41


Plantation Pineapple Stiggins Fancy Rum

A tribute to Reverend Stiggins, a character in Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers, this rich complex rum carries smoky notes and aromas of tropical fruit, pineapple, citrus peel, and a touch of clove. Stunning balance of sweet and spice.

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Luxurious Drinks BV

Posted on at 16.29

4 /5

Pineapple Plantation Stiggins Fancy 0.7L 40% Country: Barbados Capacity: 0.7 liters Alcohol: 40% Plantation Rum Pineapple Stiggins Fancy known for exclusive premium enjoyment that has conquered the world in the form of noble single-cask rum. The pineapple is an exception that will generate much enthusiasm. For this purpose the rumkenner Alexandre Gabriel of French cognac house Ferrand collaborated with the drink and cocktail expert David Wound Rich. The pineapples are stripped from Queen Victoria and the peel macerated and added to Plantation 3 Stars rum, which is then further distilled. Separately, the pineapple fruit is being administered, both distillate and fruit infusion are ultimately mixed together, so that a rich and delicious pineapple bouquet arises with smoky notes. Aroma: tropical fruit, pineapple, peel of citrus fruits and a hint of clove. Taste: ripe banana, pineapple and spices. Finish: smoky. Pineapple Plantation Stiggins Fancy is great, especially in summer, pure, "on the rocks" or cocktails and Long Drinks. Pineapple Plantation Stiggins Fancy is a good price for sale online at Luxurious Drinks, your online liquor store in Europe.
House Of Malt

Posted on at 05.14

4 /5

A fantastic treat from the Plantation range originally created by the company's cellar master Alexandre Gabriel and drinks historian David Wondrich for Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans in 2015. To make it, they infuse the rinds of Queen Victoria pineapples in their white rum for a week then distil it, and infuse the fruit of the pineapples in dark rum for three months. These are married together and left to age in casks for three months. Pineapple deliciousness galore! Also, if you're wondering about the name, it comes from the character Reverend Stiggins in Pickwick Papers, whose favourite drink was 'pineapple rum'.
Gourmet En Casa TCM

Posted on at 04.39

4 /5

Mahogany color
A rich and delicious bouquet, accented by smoky notes and aromas of tropical fruit, pineapple, citrus peel and a hint of clove
The palate opens with a pleasant feeling structured ripe banana, pineapple and spices layered with smoky finish.

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