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Pampero Añejo Especial

Industrias Pampero (Rum)

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Pampero rum is lovingly produced in Venezuela. This brand was the brainchild of two friends who had no experience in the production of rum. So, when it came time to let their rum mature, they decided to use oak casks to age their spirits. This experiment resulted in a rum brand that is both unique and unforgettable. First released in Caracas in 1938, Pampero uses locally sourced cane sugar and natural mineral water to create the spirit that, after resting in white oak casks, becomes an award-winning rum.

The triple-distilled Pampero Añejo Especial remains in these ex-bourbon casks for between two and five years to gain both colour and flavour from the wood. The Venezuelan climate aids in this ageing process. Between the humidity, heat, and change in temperatures between day and night, the rum matures about three times faster than Scotch whisky or French cognac. That means that a two-year-old Venezuelan rum will taste about as mature as a six-year-old product from a colder climate.

Proud to be the first aged rum in Venezuela, Pampero Añejo Especial is truly special. Creamy, sweet, and full of a wide range of spiced notes, this is an excellent rum for sipping. This is a great rum to have on hand since it is easy-going, smooth, and excellent for mixing.

Technical sheet · Pampero Añejo Especial

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Industrias Pampero
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Venezuela
Aging: Añejo
Type Of Rum: Golden

Description · Industrias Pampero

Pampero Añejo Especial


  • Colour: Pampero Añejo Especial is a deep-gold-coloured spirit.
  • Aroma: On the nose, it is all about vanilla, buttery and floral notes.
  • Taste: The palate is quite creamy and complex with sweet and herbal flavours of vanilla, honey and wood. The finish is long, sweet and fruity.

PRODUCER: Ron Pampero. The story of Pampero distillery goes back to 1938, in Caracas. The founders of the distillery were two inexperienced distillers, with an unbelievably passion for rum making, being among the first who introduced oak cask for ageing in their production. Their inspiration was the free spirit of the Llaneros, which were the Venezuelan cowboys who helped liberate Central American countries from Spain. Until today, the Llanero still remains Pampero's symbol, representing freedom of the plains and the passion of their founder's spirits.

COUNTRY: Venezuela

PRODUCTION DETAILS: This is a triple distilled spirit, aged for two years. The ageing process takes place in white oak casks, that were previously used for ageing Bourbon whisky for up to five times. This gives this rum it's character along with flavour and aroma complexity. This spirit has a long ageing potential. It is ready to be consumed right now, but can also be aged for 3-5 years.


Industrias Pampero

Industrias Pampero, is a rum distillery established in 1938 in Venezuela by Alejandro Hernández, son of a fisherman from Margarita Island. Pampero is known for establishing standards of rum production in Venezuela, and was the first rum to earn the epithet 'Añejo' by the Venezuelan government....

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Highlighted review about Pampero Añejo Especial


Posted on at 12.41


Pampero Añejo Especial

Pampero Anejo is a delicious blend of Venezuelan rums which are aged 2-4 years in ex-bourbon casks. The result is sweet, oaky and spicy making this the ideal rum to sit back and enjoy.

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Martin Ansley-young

Posted on at 09.43

4.5 /5

Great for a twist on mojitos

Posted on at 10.59

4 /5

Pampero Especial

- Pampero Especial has a rich character, with notes of butter and toffee.
- Sip it straight, on the rocks, or mix it with cola and lime.

Posted on at 09.45

5 /5

Excellent rum, particularly much better than Cuban rums.
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