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Matusalem 10 Años


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Founded in 1872, Matusalem is a rum with a biblical name. There is a proverb in Spanish that they use to say something is as old as the hills: "más viejo que Matusalén". Since Methuselah lived to be 969 years old, that is quite a feat to achieve. It is also quite the name to give to your brand of rum. This name shows the importance that ageing plays in the production of the Matusalem line of rums.

The brothers who founded the distillery were Spaniards who brought with them the knowledge of the Spanish solera and criaderas system of making sherry. Matusalem 10 Year Old is just one of the classic golden rums made by Matusalem. This rum is left to age for 10 years in the solera system, meaning that the younger rum is mixed in with an older rum so that is can absorb the personality and flavour of its older sibling, saving it the years of maturation it would take to get to that point otherwise.

Matusalem 10 Year Old is perfect to enjoy on its own or as part of your favourite cocktail to see what extra flavours it can bring to the table. Its solera ageing gives it a leg up over similarly aged rum.

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Technical sheet

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Matusalem & Co
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Cuba

Description of Matusalem 10 Años

Matusalem 10 Años


  • Colour: Matusalem 10 Años has a light golden hue with amber glints.
  • Aroma: The rich warmth of molasses with sweet shop notes of caramel, coconut, coffee, and toffee.
  • Taste: Silky smooth, with a beautiful balance between sugar and spice. Subtle floral and tropical fruit notes move into oakiness before a lingering caramel sauce finish.

PRODUCER: Matusalem and Company was founded in 1872 for the distilling and production of rum. Brothers Benjamin and Eduardo Camp had moved to Santiago de Cuba for that purpose, after developing expertise in the solera system of distillation and blending while making sherry in their home country of Spain. By the 1950s, the brand was one of the top producers of premium Cuban rums, but was forced to relocate following the Cuban revolution.

COUNTRY: Dominican Republic.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The rum is prepared solera style, and matures for a minimum of ten years in used American oak whiskey and bourbon barrels. It's tasty enough for sipping, and mixes gorgeously with sodas and in cocktails. You could reach for your standard mojito or daiquiri, but why not branch out and try a Hurricane or a Cable Car? For winter goodness, you might enjoy a warming Hot Buttered Rum, or replace brandy with Matusalem 10 Años in your Christmas cooking recipes.


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Calidad, precio inmejorable
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Matusalem 10 Años

4 /5

- Matusalem Clasico is a premium golden rum, aged for ten years in Matusalem's solera system. Matusalem Gran Reserva is a complex, smooth aged rum, solera matured for fifteen years. It is best sipped straight or on the rocks.
- Handsomely presented in distinctive packaging emphasising Clasico's Cuban heritage, this premium rum enhances the flavour of any cocktail- from the classics to todays newer variations.
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Matusalem Clasico 10 Year old

4 /5

Kleur: KoperNeus: Aroma's van vanille, kokosnoot en toffeeSmaak: Zoete aroma's van vanille en kruiden. Warme, middellange afdronk
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Matusalem Classico 10 Years Old

4.5 /5

Very nice and reasonable 10 year old.
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