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Diplomático Mantuano


Diplomático Mantuano

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Diplomático rum was born in the foothills of the Venezuelan Andes, in the town of La Miel, where the famous DUSA distillery is located, winner of the title of "Best Distillery of Rum in the World" in 2013.

The production of Diplomático Mantuano was started in the late 19th century by the traveller Juancho Nieto Meléndez, who appreciated the artisanal methods used to make rum in Venezuela and the special touch given by the humid climate during ageing. "Mantuano" actually means "gentleman", a reference to Juancho, whose portrait we still find on the label today.

Mantuano is a full-bodied and very aromatic rum, with notes of dried plum, oak and spices. The flavour is balanced, with notes of walnuts, wood and vanilla ending in a broad and pleasant finish. Perfect to enjoy neat or in cocktails such as the Negroni and the Rum Mule.

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Technical sheet

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Destilerias Unidas
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Venezuela
Ageing: Old


Diplomático Mantuano


  • Colour: Diplomático Mantuano has a dark golden appearance.
  • Aroma: Deep bouquet with distinctive notes of dried fruits, plums, a little hint of oak, and a soft spicy touch.
  • Taste: Complex and balanced sensations on the palate, with notes of dried fruits, spicy vanilla, and a woody flavour in the mouth. The finish is harmonious and slightly dry.

PRODUCER: Diplomático. With a history that dates back to 1959, this is one of the most renowned rum brands not only in Venezuela but around the world.

COUNTRY: Venezuela.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: The rum is crafted from the molasses of sugar cane and then distilled in copper column stills and batch kettle, and in the case of Diplomático Mantuano, this spirit is obtained as a blend of rums aged for up to eight years, in white American oak barrels and single malt oak barrels. The name comes from a local title of nobility, and pays homage to the hero Don Juancho, who travelled the world in search of the ultimate and most exquisite liqueurs. Diplomático Mantuano is perfect for sipping, served neat or poured over a couple of ice cubes. Also good in cocktails such as the Mary Pickford or the Negroni.


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The Producer

Destilerias Unidas

Destilerias Unidas

The plant of the "great family of DUSA" is located in the majestic Terepaima National Park in Lara State, near to the town La Miel. It is there where the wide range of rums, whiskys, gins, vodkas and spirits is produced.

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Reviews of Diplomático Mantuano

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Excelente ron
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Diplomatico Mantuano

4.5 /5

Certains de mes "gouteurs" le préfèrent au12 ans Reserve Exclusive.
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Diplomatico Mantuano

5 /5

Very fine sipping rum for that price.
Definitely an improvement over the Reserva (which i loved, bottle didn't last long). Similar flavor pattern but more molasses and slightly less woody. Smoother and much more full-bodied, a lot less after burn.
Diplomatico rums have something about them that always makes want more ! Don't know if this will last much longer than my bottle of Reserva did.
Great vibe and relaxing buzz.
Great value for money
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Diplomatico Mantuano

4 /5


  • Colore: Intenso colore ambrato con brillanti riflessi dorati.
  • Odore: Aromi che appaiono in ordine di intensità, questi sono frutta, vaniglia e quercia. Presenta un forte odore di frutta rossa ed essenze di prugna. Aroma di vaniglia che si apprezza alla sua massima intensità.
  • Sapore: Ha un sapore complesso ed equilibrato, con note di frutta secca, quercia e vaniglia. Il finale è molto armonioso, dolce ed elegante.

PRODUTTORE: Destilerías Unidas.

PAESE: Venezuela.

DETTAGLI DI PRODUZIONE: Mantuano è una straordinaria miscela di rum invecchiati fino a otto anni. Mantuano è un rum versatile e ideale per la miscelazione nei cocktail, mantenendo la sua complessità per loro che preferiscono berlo liscio. Ron Diplomático Mantuano Extra Añejo 8 anni è una delle marche di rum del Venezuela. Rum di lusso, il risultato dell'esperienza dei maestri del rum che combinano i lenti e complessi processi artigianali e la più alta tecnologia, con il risultato di questo magnifico rum invecchiato per più di 8 anni in botti di rovere, sapore di sherry e rovere liscio con corpo ed equilibrio straordinari.


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Diplomatico Mantuano

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