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Captain Morgan Black Label 1L


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The Rum Captain Morgan Black Label is the type of distillate from the Caribbean and in particular from Jamaica. Its appearance is dark and dense, full-bodied and rich. It is aged in oak barrels in the Captain Morgan distillery, which has been making fine rum since 1944. Its long history has allowed it to perfect the traditional recipe, which today gives life to an interesting and tasty rum.

The Rum Captain Morgan Black Label captivates the palate with its intense taste and smoky finish, absorbed by oak barrels. In particular, the black label comes from a skilful combination of Jamaican, Guyana and Barbados rum, which give the characteristic aroma to the black label. On the nose, you can smell the scents of blackberry jam, dates and wood. There is also a hint of spices, which are also confirmed on tasting.

Black pepper and cinchona are the conductors, while the delicate presence of caramel refines the taste with a sweet and pleasant note. The tone of liquorice is also strong, giving strength and character to the palate. Overall, it is enveloping and full of flavour. The finish is dry with notes of dark chocolate. The alcohol content is 40%.

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Technical sheet

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Captain Morgan Rum Distillers
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
70cl and Magnum
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Jamaica
Type Of Rum: Dark

Description of Captain Morgan Black Label 1L

Captain Morgan Black Label 1L


  • Color: intense in the eye, which tends to golden amber.
  • Flavour: Sweet and pleasant hints of vanilla and brown sugar, combine nuts and oak.
  • Taste: The taste is soft and fresh, characterized by a good balance.

PRODUCER: Captain Morgan is a brand produced by the company Seagram, which began producing this rum in 1944 under the name Morgan Rum Company. The CEO of Seagram, Samuel Bronfman, bought a distillery named Long Pond by the Government of Jamaica which counted among customers is also a pharmacy in Kingston, the Levy brothers who bought rum and herbs and spices medications are added, so that then refine and Finally, the imbottigliava. The final product was so captivating and surprising, that Bronfman wanted to buy the rights. Here begins the story of this brand, in 2001, was acquired by Diageo.

COUNTRY: Jamaica.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Captain Morgan was named after a pirate born in 1635, after having served his COUNTRY: in the navy, he retired to Jamaica, dedicated to the cultivation of sugar cane and rum to produce up to 1688, when he died. The recipe is still secret and provides, after the fermentation of sugar cane, the distillation in a continuous still. Then, it aged 12 months in oak barrels previously ex bourbon. Great to be enjoyed alone or with ice.


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The Producer

Captain Morgan Rum Distillers

Captain Morgan Rum Distillers

In 1654 a young Henry Morgan left his native Wales for the West Indies. He never looked back. A born leader, he quickly made Captain and became famous as a legal pirate or Buccaneer, defending British interests and generally rocking the Caribbean.

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My husband's favourite rum! And so much cheaper than supermarket prices, even when on offer.
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Captain Morgan Black Label 1L

5 /5

Just lovely.
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3.5 /5

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5 /5

The best dark rum, always buy this bottle
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