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Brugal Extra Viejo

Brugal & Co. (Rum)

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Technical sheet · Brugal Extra Viejo

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Brugal & Co.
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L and 350ml
Alcohol Vol.: 38%
Country: Dominican Republic

Description · Brugal & Co.

Brugal Extra Viejo


  • Color: Brugal Añejo Extraviejo has a color of dark cherry wood.
  • Smell: Vanilla gives way to notes of cocoa and leather. In the back of the nose is an oak aroma that lingers for a bit
  • Taste: sweet, with vanilla and cocoa in front. Behind leather and coffee along with a touch of apple. The finish has strong oak taste is smooth and clean, with only a small flourish of spice on the finish. Almost no burns in the throat or chest.

ALCOHOL: 37% Vol

COUNTRY: Dominican Republic

Brugal & Co.

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Highlighted review about Brugal Extra Viejo

Gourmet En Casa TCM

Posted on at 03.36


Brugal Extra Viejo

Intense dark amber color
Smell of wood, nuts, cocoa, vanilla, orange peel and caramel
Taste sweet, soft, long, elegant spice.

More reviews about Brugal Extra Viejo

Chema GarcÍa CartÓn

Posted on at 08.21

0.5 /5

Brugal Añejo Extraviejo

They sent the bottle does not match the picture. A problem for the collector
Lezila Alexomile

Posted on at 21.49

3 /5

Brugal Añejo Extraviejo

Very marked between cane and molasses ...

Posted on at 09.12

4 /5

Ron Brugal Extra Viejo

Brugal Extra Viejo Rum


Rum is an alcoholic beverage that is made from sugar cane by fermentation, distillation and aging, usually in oak barrels. This drink was first mentioned in documents from Barbados in 1650. It was called kill-devil or rumbullion (a word of Devonshire, England, meaning an uproar). In the French Caribbean colonies, it was called Guildive (modification of kill-devil) and then tafia, an African or native term. Already in 1667 it was simply called rum, term derived from the Spanish word rum (Arabic root word) and the French rhum (derived from above). The first official mention of the word rum appear in an order issued by the Governor General of Jamaica dated July 8, 1661.
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