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Brugal Añejo

Brugal & Co. (Rum)

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Brugal Añejo is a great experience. Drinking it is making each day a little more special. The Añejo rum is aged for five years in selected American oak barrels and the distillation process removes many of the heavy alcohols that other rums preserve. A pure, light and not so sweet drink with that flavour you will never forget.

It is drunk alone, with ice or combined with soft drinks.

It is one of the most consumed rums in Spain.

Technical sheet · Brugal Añejo

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Brugal & Co.
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 38%
Country: Dominican Republic
Type Of Rum: Golden

Description · Brugal & Co.

Brugal Añejo


  • Colour: Brugal Añejo has a mid-amber colour, bright and clear.
  • Aroma: Balanced bouquet full of sweet notes of caramel and brown sugar, along with toffee, pepper, and vanilla.
  • Taste: Smooth and rich on the palate, with hints of buttery spice, oak, and, again, brown sugar. The finish is long and dry, with a lingering flavour of dark sugar.

PRODUCER: Brugal & CO.

COUNTRY: Dominican Republic.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Crafted from the molasses extracted from the sugar cane, which gives this spirit its honey-like appearance, and carefully aged for five years in selected American oak barrels, this spirit is pure and light, in a word, superb. The intricate distillation process efficiently removes all impurities and the heavier alcohols that remain in other, less elaborate rums. Complete with the presentation, the simple design of the bottle adorned with a fishing net is reminiscent of a time when rum was the drink of sailors. The smooth nature of this drink makes it ideal for a sip, neat or on the rocks. But if you fancy something a little more elaborate, add Brugal Añejo, some natural lime, and a little bit of lemon soda, and you will have a nice refreshment drink with all the flavour from the Caribbean.


Brugal & Co.

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Highlighted review about Brugal Añejo

Vino Premier

Posted on at 07.29


Brugal Añejo

Brugal Añejo Ron Brugal Añejo Ron comes from the Dominican Republic, its origin is Spanish by Andrés Brugal Montaner Don which he founded in the second half of the nineteenth century in Puerto Plata, Brugal & CO. For years Brugal has begun a process foray into different markets, US, Spain, Italy. . . Ron Brugal Añejo presents an aging of 5 years. Prepared from alcohol produced by the fermentation of molasses from sugar cane, as every Dominican product. PAIRING OF Brugal AÑEJO is recommended for any combination, the brand itself recommends free Bruga made in snifter with ice, natural lime and Sprite. RUM TASTING NOTES BRUGAL AÑEJO: View: in view is presented with bright, clean and light amber color. Nose: The nose presents balanced and not very complex. Palate: The palate is presented with notes of oak, chocolate and caramel. Brugal Rum Alcohol Anejo: 00 degrees 38. If you have questions when buying Ron Brugal Añejo, contact the sommelier of our online wine shop Spirits and advise you without obligation.

More reviews about Brugal Añejo

Ignacio Gracia Alonso

Posted on at 08.56

4 /5

Ron simple, highlighting only good bid price.

Posted on at 08.59

4 /5

- Brugal Blanco is perfect to combine with any mixer and is a rum that will boost your creativity.
- Brugal, established in 1888 by Don Andres Brugal, is proud to be the only rum brand that is distilled, matured and bottled in the Dominican Republic.
- It is the best loved rum in the Caribbean.
André Dierick

Posted on at 07.23

5 /5

Yum, yum !!!!
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