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Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 3L


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Bacardi Carta Blanca is a classic white rum that is known around the world for its unique smoothness. Known in Cuba as "the rum of the bat" because of the iconic black bat that graces every bottle, this spirit is aged in white oak barrels that have been charcoal treated in order to achieve the quality that its consumers have come to know and love.

As its name says, Bacardi Carta Blanca is a carte blanche - a blank slate waiting for a cocktail to come along that needs it. This rum can serve as the perfect foundation piece for any drink as it will neither disappear nor dominate. Bacardi Carta Blanca is perfect for crafting all of the rum-based cocktails you love, such as mojitos, daiquiris, piña coladas, and Cuba Libres. A bottle of Bacardi will help add that true rum flavour to any drink.

The recipe for Bacardi Carta Blanca, the hallmark product of the Bacardi brand, did not come into being overnight. Don Facundo Bacardí Massó needed ten whole years to perfect his recipe. Perhaps it is that iconic bat that has brought so much luck to the brand over the years. Family-owned and operated since it was founded in 1862, Bacardi is a company that has been supplying the world with fine products ever since.

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Technical sheet

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Bacardi Martini Production
Volume: 300cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 37.5%
Country: Puerto Rico

Description of Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 3L

Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 3L


  • Colour: Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 3L is a transparent spirit.
  • Aroma: It shows delicate aromas of citrus, bamboo wood, blue cheese, mushroom soup and grilled almond.
  • Taste: It has a clean and dry palate with a slight sweetness, showing flavours of spiced apples, blue cheese, pears, vanilla, caramel and some black pepper spice. It has a long finish with lingering black pepper spice aftertaste.


COUNTRY: Puerto Rico

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 3L is produced by distillation, using molasses that was sourced from around the world. The production begins by mixing molasses with water and companies patented yeast, to start the fermentation. It is done in closed tanks and lasts for 30 hours. Throughout the process, the temperature of the tanks is controlled, due to the yeast strain's heat sensitivity. When the fermentation is done, the fermented molasses is separated into two equally filled tanks. One part is then put through a beer still to create Aguardiente and the second part is put through a massive column still to make Redistillado. The two distillates are then aged separately in steam cleaned ex-bourbon barrels. They both take different aroma and flavour components out of the wood, during the minimum one-year ageing period. When the ageing period is over, distillates are charcoal filtered and blended according to the company's recipe.


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The Producer

Bacardi Martini Production

Bacardi Martini Production

The Bacardi Limited story is a peculiar one. Indeed, when Facundo Bacardí Massó left the little town of Sitges, Catalonia, at the beginning of the 19th century, little did he know that he would end up creating one of the largest spirits company in the world.

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Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 3L

4 /5

Kleur: WitNeus: Lichte aroma's, van kruiden en peperSmaak: Rijke smaak, met tropisch fruit, bruine suiker en kruiden. Lange afdronk, met vanille 
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Bacardi 3L

4 /5

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Bacardi 3L

4 /5

TASTING NOTES OF Bacardi Superior 3L:
- Color: Colorless
- Flavour: Notes of vanilla and almonds
- Taste: Mild, dry and balanced.

PRODUCER: Bacardi Martini Production
COUNTRY: Glassy Rico

in white oak barrels for 12 months and then subjected to a double filtering in carbon removes impurities and color.

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Bacardi 3L

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