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Puerto Rico

Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 1.5L


Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 1.5L

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It took the founder of Bacardi, Don Facundo Bacardí Massó, ten years to perfect the recipe for Bacardi Carta Blanca, sometimes known as Bacardi Superior. Now considered a hallmark spirit from the brand, Bacardi Carta Blanca is the perfect white rum to use in cocktails. This classic white rum is matured in barrels made out of white oak and charcoal treated in order to obtain the smoothness that Bacardi is known for.

The Bacardi rum company has been family owned and operated since its founding in 1862. Now run by the seventh generation of the Bacardi family, the brand has had good luck over the years, perhaps thanks to the bat that appears on every bottle of Bacardi. The iconic black bat mascot was inspired by the bats that inhabited the rafters of the first Bacardi distillery. In Cuba, these creatures symbolise good luck, good health, and good fortune.

Try Bacardi Carta Blanca in any classic cocktail to give them that special touch that only an authentic Cuban rum can provide. Daiquiris, mojitos, piña coladas, and Cuba Libres all benefit from the use of this fine white rum which does not overwhelm like gin or hide behind the other flavours like vodka. Bacardi Carta Blanca can hold its own while still managing to share the stage with the other flavours around it.

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Technical sheet

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Bacardi Martini Production
Volume: 150cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 37.5%
Country: Puerto Rico
Ageing: White
Type Of Rum: White

Description of Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 1.5L

Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 1.5L


  • Colour: Bacardi (Carta Blanca) 1.5L has the polished transparency of classic white rum, although the attractive bottle lends it a stylish and fresh tinge of pale green until poured.
  • Aroma: A heady scent with notes of almond, apricot, and vanilla.
  • Taste: Dry, soft, and gently fruity on the palate, with aromatic and delicate flavours of herb, marzipan, oak, and vanilla.

PRODUCER: Bacardi Martini Production, part of the Bacardi Limited group of companies. Founded in 1862, Bacardi Limited is the largest family-owned spirits company in existence, holding a portfolio of over two hundred brands and labels. Nonetheless, it is, of course, most famous for its eponymous white rum. Bacardi rum has won many hundreds of awards for product profile and quality, making it the most highly-awarded rum producer in the world.

COUNTRY: Puerto Rico

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Facundo Bacardí Massó worked as a wine merchant in Sitges, Spain, before emigrating to Cuba in 1830. Rum was then unrefined, not a sophisticated tipple. Facundo experimented, using a proprietary strain of yeast still used today, giving the rum its flavour profile. He also developed the techniques of charcoal-filtering the rum to remove impurities, and ageing it in white oak barrels to mellow the flavour. All this led to the first clear or white rum, which neither disappears nor dominates, thus blending beautifully with any mixer.

ALCOHOL: 37.5%

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The Producer

Bacardi Martini Production

Bacardi Martini Production

The Bacardi Limited story is a peculiar one. Indeed, when Facundo Bacardí Massó left the little town of Sitges, Catalonia, at the beginning of the 19th century, little did he know that he would end up creating one of the largest spirits company in the world.

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Bacardi 1.5L

4 /5

- After 23 years of experimentation, Don Facundo Bacardi set the standard for all future premium white rum. Established in 1862 in Santiago de Cuba Bacardi Superior Rum became the world's first premium aged white rum. To produce such a superior spirit Don Facundo combined the best of dark spirits production techniques (ageing and blending) with his pioneering filtration process (charcoal filtration, now used by other white spirits) to create the perfectly balanced mixing rum that neither overpowers nor disappears in your drink.
- Due to Bacardi Superior Rum's perfectly balanced taste it was used by cocktail pioneers as the principle ingredient in the birth of the world's best known rum cocktails including the Mojito (1860s), later featured in the 1931 book called Cuban Cookery, the Daiquiri (1896), the Cuba Libre (1900) and the Bacardi Cocktail TM (1917).
- Despite Bacardi rum and Coke being the world's most asked for branded spirit and mixer combination, its unique flavour is also great served over ice with a squeeze of lime and the mixer of your choice - orange juice, lime & soda, ginger ale or cranberry juice.
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Bacardi Carta Blanca 1.5L

4.5 /5

Zeer goed
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Bacardi 1.5L

3 /5

Mittelklasse Rum ,gut zum Mixen
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Bacardi 1.5L

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