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Aluna Coconut Rum

Aluna (Rum)

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The Aluna Coconut Rum (£21.62) is a rum made by Aluna with roots in Guatemala. According to Drinks&Co users, the Aluna Coconut Rum deserves an evaluation of 4 of 5 points.

Technical sheet · Aluna Coconut Rum

Category:Rum (Spirits)
Producer: Aluna
Volume: 70cl
Country: Guatemala

Description · Aluna

Aluna Coconut Rum


  • Colour: Aluna Coconut Rum has a clear, pure, transparent appearance and even seems to glow.
  • Aroma: As coconut is a crucial ingredient, Aluna Coconut Rum has a slight tropical smell giving off the scent of toasted coconut, warm banana bread, and delicate flowers.
  • Taste: The taste is particularly low in sugar with the smooth flavour of toasted coconut.

PRODUCER: Cloudbreak SpiritsCOUNTRY: Guatemala

PRODUCTION DETAILS: There are three main ingredients in the making of Aluna Coconut Rum: Caribbean rum, Guatemalan rum, and coconut water. First, sugarcane juice is fermented using the pineapple plant as an active ingredient and then aged in oak in order to create a smooth, delicate flavour and a floral finish. This process allows for the production of a naturally sweet beverage, thus diminishing the amount of sugar that needs to be added in the final stages to give the rum its characteristic sweetness. Next, the Caribbean rum is blended in, giving it the classic rum flavour while constant heat helps to incorporate the toasted coconut vibe. The low sugar content of this particular rum has made Aluna Coconut Rum an attractive option for those who like to keep an eye on their sugar intake without compromising the integrity and quality of the liquor.




Highlighted review about Aluna Coconut Rum


Posted on at 12.41


Aluna Coconut Rum

Aluna Coconut Rum is made from virgin sugar cane honey, and blended with organic coconut water, this contains less sugar than many similar rum liqueurs.

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Posted on at 04.07

4 /5

- A sublime blend of rums from Guatamala and the Caribbean with natural toasted coconut flavour.
- Naturally lower in sugar and higher in flavour alongside the authentic warmth and complexity of high quality rum, with no stock, sugary aftertaste.
- Clear and pure in appearance.
- Light and floral with subtle coconut and fresh banana on the nose.
- Rum, toasted coconut, vanilla pod and cocoa.
31 Dover

Posted on at 12.46

4 /5

Aluna Coconut Rum offers the true flavour of coconut, alongside the authentic warmth and complexity of high quality rum. High altitude rum from Guatemala made with virgin sugar cane honey ('miel de caña') results in a lighter, smoother and naturally sweeter rum with significantly less sugar than competitor brands. This is married with selected Caribbean rums for a little heat and structure. The blend is cut to 35% ABV with the perfect amount of organic coconut water for an amazingly smooth and clean finish. High in flavour, low in sugar with a smooth, coconut kick - this is the rum to be sipping this summer. Serve neat over ice, lengthened with fruit juice or as an alternative in rum cocktails (and the best Pina Colada you'll ever mix up at home!)

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