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Ribatejo vineyards can use the Regulatory Denomination of Procedence in 6 regions, those of Almeirin, Cartaxo, Chamusca, Santarém, Tomar and Coruche.

The climate in Ribatejo has different conditions that correlate with wines with different characteristics. Among white wines, we find fine, alcoholic, soft, dry and fruity wines. The red wines have a light reddish color, are strong in body and spirit, except Santarém and Torres Novas, which are moderately tannic and alcoholic.

Ribatejo traditional strains for red wines are Periquita, Castelao Nacional and Trincadeira Preta, each with a minimum aging of 10 months, except in the cases of Coruche, Santarém and Tomar, which can be bottled after 4 months of being produced. For white wines, Fernao Pires, Talia and Trincadeira das Pratas are grown.

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