Pink Gin: A Millenial Party

Pink Gin: A Millenial Party

Is it only a trend that will soon blow over? Or a new fashion on the rise? Gin Pink (not to confuse with a classic cocktail) appears like a new fever in the post-Gin & Tonic era. Some call this new type of gin "strawberry gin" or simply "gin pink", but anyhow, this drink makes a big impact on the “millenials” who love to try out new things, something completely different and original. Only time will tell if the gin pink has come to stay. In the meantime, the big brands are already betting on this new product. If you are looking to buy pink gin, here you will discover our best offers and gift packs with all brands of pink gin (including miniatures). The new thing can also come at a reasonable price. Now, more than ever... for tastes, colours!

What is it that makes the pink gin so special? Of course, the pink colour is visually the most outstanding part. It comes from the infusion of red fruits like raspberry, strawberry, blackberries and blueberries that, moreover, add a soft and pleasant taste. Thanks to the slightly sweet and fresh notes of pink gins the drink becomes more attractive for people who love renovated traditions like the millennials. Nonetheless, pink gin is still a drink for the rather classic gin enthusiasts, it is made for everybody.

When it comes to serve gin pink, leave it to your creativity and imagination. The sky is your limit, always think of the best combination possible to stand out the smooth taste of the red berries. What to mix with a nice pink gin cocktail? Put some ice cubes, tonic water, gin pink in a balloon glass and decorate your cocktail with fresh mint and strawberries. Alternatively, take a martini glass and pour one part pink gin, one part red martini and a dash of bitter. You could even mix it with some prosecco or soda. There are thousands of ways and more to enjoy the pink gin! Just enjoy!


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