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Black Friday 2021

Black Friday 2021 in Drinks&Co

Don't miss the irresistible offers Drinks&Co has prepared for Black Friday 2021. Only on November 26th.

Drinks&Co wants to offer you the best discounts on your favourite wines and spirits at the best market price. Throughout Black Friday week you will find a wide selection of the best wines and spirits with unique offers that will save you money on your purchase.

Great offers on Black Friday 2021

At Drinks&Co we offer you a wide range of products with discounts and special offers from various partners. This variety of partners enables a healthy market competition so that you get your favourite products at the best possible price. Our Black Friday offers are unbeatable and you will find discounts throughout the site.

I would like to use the Black Friday offers

Drinks&Co is an online shop... without closing times! We are available 24 hours a day and our customer service team can help you shop comfortably from your desk, couch or wherever you are. With us you can prepare your own product list for Black Friday. Take your time to find out what you want to buy. For us, the most important thing is that you get everything at the market price. For Drinks&Co it is a special day. We offer unique Black Friday deals so you can start shopping for Christmas right now.

Therefore we would like to know what you expect from Drinks&Co so that we can prepare ourselves in time for your personalized wishes.

Great offers on Black Friday 2021
Best Discounts in wine and distilled for Black Friday 2021 in Drinks&Co

The most popular products of Black Friday 2021

This year we want our Black Friday to be something special. That's why we collect suggestions and wishes from our customers. Among the most popular offers are discounts on wine, sparkling wine, champagne and whisky. But there is also a certain interest in beers and gourmet products.

We take the suggestions of our customers seriously and will do our best to offer you the best possible offers. Soon you will know what Drinks&Co has chosen.

Things you should know about Black Friday:

What's Black Friday?

The tradition of Black Friday has been established in the United Kingdom for several years now. But do you know where this event comes from? Like many other customs, Black Friday is a custom imported from the United States and celebrated the day after Thanksgiving Day, the date from which Christmas begins. Not only are the streets decorated with Christmas decorations on this day, but the stores also offer special promotions, so users can find the best deals and gifts to save a few euros on Christmas shopping. Drinks&Co follows this tradition, so you can buy wines online with great offers and prepare for Christmas.

As far as the origin of Black Fridays is concerned, there are several theories which are circulating on the net and which we would like to introduce to you:

  • Due to the great economic crisis of 1869, two Wall Street financiers tried to save the market but eventually went bankrupt. That's why they would have called it a "Black Friday".
  • Another version of its origin argues that after a year of heavy losses in the businesses of American small shops, the situation recovered after Thanksgiving. That is why from that moment on there was the talk of "black numbers".
  • Another theory is that many US businessmen gave the workers the day after Thanksgiving off. The employees and their families used this day for their purchases, which would have changed the colour of the accounts mentioned in the previous point.
  • The term was introduced in Philadelphia in 1961. At that time, traffic guards began to use the term to refer to the massive traffic on roads and highways the day after Thanksgiving.

When is Black Friday 2021?

This year, November 26th is the date of Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving.

As a Drinks&Co customer, you can buy wine online on Black Friday 2021 at the time that suits you best. Our online store is available 24 hours a day so you can enjoy our Black Friday to the fullest

When is Black Friday 2021?
Terms and conditions during Black Friday?

Do our terms and conditions change during Black Friday?

No. The quality of our service, the general conditions of sale, guarantees, product conditions and delivery information remain unchanged. You have the same customer rights as any other day of the year.

What if I need help during Black Friday?

Our customer service is available during office hours from 10:00 a.m. to 18:00 p.m. (which you can also find on the Drinks&Co website). You can call us at (+44) 20 3322 2677 or write to us at soporte@drinksandco.com We will do our best to meet the needs of our customers, especially on this important day.