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Bisson (Portofino)

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Bisson Classico Abissi Dosage Zero Magnum 2013

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It began as a game, as a bet, the brilliant thought of Pierluigi Lugano, responsible Enoteca Bisson in Chiavari and small producer of wines interesting qualitative level, to achieve a sparkling, rather, a classic method, with a very technical innovative and seemingly extravagant. A refinement of the bottles did not, as normally happens, in cellars or caves, or as some have tried, in the high mountains. The place chosen, thinking of ancient wrecks of galleons under the sea, which have repeatedly returned food products (wine) excellently preserved intact the organoleptic characteristics, the seabed. A depth of 60 meters, with a constant temperature of + 15 °, twilight, back pressure and a number of factors favorable to a harmonious maturity of wines. Having said that, the thought became a project and finally something concrete and how he got to write even the New York Times, May 20, 2009 the first 6500 bottles of vintage wine 2008, a cuvée of Bianchetta Genovese and Vermentino, with percentages variable depending on the year, thanks to the collaboration Area Marine Park of Portofino, were immersed in the Cala des Anglais in the heart of the park, off the coast of Monte di Portofino. Placed in steel caissons under the sea. The resurfacing after 18 months and marketed for Christmas 2010, this classic method to appropriately christened Deep Ligurian surprises for its quality and finesse. One thing is clear: that an idea born as an intuition a little 'crazy has resulted in a serious project for both the quality and uniqueness of the product Abyss, both for numbers: the bottles produced for 2014 are 15. 000, but as each year are now fully booked even before being exposed on our shelves. Straw yellow in color and with a musky scent that evolves from the salty, with ripe tropical fruit, butter cookies, linden flowers, brioche with slight hint of sweet spices. Taste full, enveloping and savory. Magnum formed by 1. 5 liters in the original box with photos and history of the wine.

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