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Pastis Prado 1L


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Pastis Prado is a spirit from the Slaur Sardet company, based out of Le Havre, France. A typical Pastis de Marseille, Pastis Prado is a part of the Mediterranean lifestyle. Throughout the Mediterranean area, in almost every country along its vibrant banks, an aniseed-based liqueur can be found. This type of liqueur quickly became popular as a before-dinner drink all over France after its first commercial release and remains popular to date.

Carrying the delicious flavours of liquorice and aniseed within its amber-colour depths, this refreshing beverage is sure to satisfy your thirst. Aromatic and flavourful, Pastis Prado is a great addition to any drink rotation. Mix one part pastis with five parts water and watch as the liquid turns a cloudy yellow. For a lighter summer drink, you can try one part pastis to eight parts water. Always be sure to add the ice after the water, though.

At just 45% alcohol per volume, Pastis Prado is an excellent, subtle drink with both history and personality. Get into the rhythm of the Mediterranean lifestyle with the flavour of aniseed in your mouth. There are a number of cocktails out there which gain a lot from the addition of pastis into the mix. Get yourself a bottle and get mixing!

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Technical sheet

Category:Pastis (Spirits)
Producer: Slaur
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 45%
Country: France

Description of Pastis Prado 1L

Pastis Prado 1L


  • Colour: Deep amber in the bottle, with a milkier appearance after addition of water.
  • Aroma: The keynote of anise is complemented by notes of cardamom, oregano, and violet.
  • Taste: Strongly flavourful, earthy, with a slightly bitter and refreshing finish. A classic expression of a Pastis de Marseilles.

PRODUCER: Slaur Sardet

Slaur Sardet was created in 1972, when two century-old companies completed a merger. It is one of the foremost manufacturers of alcoholic beverages and syrups in France, and bottles both its own branded products and those of others. Slaur Sardet is conveniently located in Le Havre, near to France's largest container port.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: The key ingredient in pastis is star anise, an Asian herb, with additional flavor from licorice root. In the past, pastis was created from individually selected herbs, an intense and intimate method of production. In modern times, a base alcohol tends to be infused with more industrially prepared extracts and essences, but the results are no less satisfying. Pastis is a liqueur, and therefore bottled with sugar.

SUGGESTIONS: Served icy cold and with or without water or ice, it is a lovely refreshment on a hot day, but it can also, perhaps surprisingly, be used in cooking. Some Marseille restaurants add a good splash of pastis to their fish stew or use it to flambée prawns or other shellfish. It also makes a distinctive and delicious additive to cakes, cookies, and desserts.

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The Producer



Slaur was created in 1972 by the merger of centenarians societies. Nowadays, SLAUR is now one of the leading French manufacturers of soft drinks and syrups.

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My favourite drink with Schweppes blackcurrent cordial.
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Pastis Prado 1L

5 /5

tres bon produit mais un peu cher
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5 /5

Great product and service
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5 /5

loved this drink, excellent for the price
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