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Mini Chambord Raspberry Liqueur 50ml


Mini Chambord Raspberry Liqueur 50ml

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While Chambord Liqueur only hit the international market in 1982, its recipe has been around for much longer. Back in the late 17th century, a certain raspberry liqueur was making its rounds in the Loire Valley of France. Louis XIV is rumoured to have tried this liqueur during a visit to the Château de Chambord. That same regal drink was the inspiration for the Chambord Liqueur that is known and loved around the world today.

Chambord Liqueur is made from a choice selection of fresh blackberries and raspberries. These berries are left to seep in French spirits for several weeks. The fruit is pressed, and both the juice and the fruit-infused spirits are mixed together with French cognac, Madagascar vanilla, and a secret selection of herbs.

This delicious liqueur is only 16.5% ABV but is packed full of flavour. Made in the same Loire Valley as the original spirit that drove the royals mad in the late 1600s, this decadent spirit is made even more elegant with its bottle. If you are looking for an attractive berry-flavoured spirit to add to your drinks, you know what to choose.

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Technical sheet

Category:Miniatures (Spirits)
Producer: Chambord
Volume: 5cl
Alcohol Vol.: 16.5%

Description of Mini Chambord Raspberry Liqueur 50ml

Mini Chambord Raspberry Liqueur 50ml


  • Colour: Mini Chambord Raspberry Liqueur has a very dark, deep purple colour
  • Aroma: Scents of red berries invade the nose, with a fine touch of fruit leather.
  • Taste: Sweet and fruity on the palate, with intense notes of black cherries accompanied by berry and vanilla hints.

PRODUCER: Chambord.

COUNTRY: France.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Made in the Loire Valley, in the South of Paris, this sweet liqueur is definitely a must-have in any decent liquor cabinet. Using fresh raspberries and blackberries, the fruits are steeped for weeks in French spirits. The fruits are then separated from the blend and left to soak in fresh spirit for a few more weeks. The berries are again removed from the blend and pressed in order to extract all the sugar and juice. Finally, Mini Chambord Raspberry Liqueur is created from the artful blend of the two infused spirits, fine cognac, the sugary juice, and the addition of Madagascar vanilla extract, Moroccan citrus peel, and some secret herbs and spices. The final result is a truly premium liqueur, full of style and elegance. From the beautiful design of the bottle complete with gold filigree to the absolute subtleness of the sweet taste, this spirit is simply perfect.

ALCOHOL: 16.5%

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Lavish and regal, Chambord Royale de France liqueur is created using the finest black and red raspberries, Madagascan vanilla and delicious honey to give a rich, delicate and unique taste which makes for an indulgent addition to many different drinks.
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Mini Chambord Raspberry Liqueur

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