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Casal Santa Maria (Lisbon)

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Casal Santa Maria Chardonnay Branco 2015

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Region: Colares / Sintra Solo: With various exhibitions. the vine develops in granitic soils (pink granite). coarse texture and the average pH of around neutrality. Climate: Due to the proximity of the sea. the climate is mild. It is the average winter temperatures rarely below 10 ° C. . and in summer above 25 ° C. The precipitation is distributed through the autumn. Winter and early spring prowling the annual 600 mm. The sea winds. sometimes intense. They are almost always present and ensure long, gentle ripening. Winemaking: Manual harvest by caste. maceration followed by soft crushing of the grapes and soft pressing. Static defecation. temperature-controlled fermentation in French oak barrels of the 2nd and 3rd use medium toast. Stage in barrels for 9 months with battonage.

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