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More than 150 years ago, Thunder Bay, a town on the banks of Lake Superior in Ontario, Canada, first crafted its Thunder Bay Canadian whisky. The quality of the whisky and short distance between Thunder Bay and the US - just a quick trip across Lake Superior - made this whisky a "must-have" during Prohibition. The US government used specially-trained female dogs to sniff out illicit whisky, so the smugglers began to transport their illegal spirits in the middle of stacks cinnamon and chili to mask its scent.

Fast forward a few years to the release of Thunder Bitch. This Spanish invention takes its name and inspiration from this prohibition tale. Thunder Bay whisky plus friendly female dogs equal Thunder Bitch. Made using nothing more than high-quality Canadian whisky from Thunder Bay, chili, and cinnamon, this unique liqueur was created with ice-cold shots in mind. But it can also be mixed into creative cocktails for those that want to add a bit of extra voltage to the mix.

Thunder Bitch is a one-of-a-kind liqueur that is quickly growing in popularity both in bars and in private. The fascinating combination of flavours is a wonderful treat either after a meal or as a shot among friends. At 30% alcohol per volume, this whisky liqueur is sure to pack a punch as well as flavour.

Technical sheet · Thunder Bitch

Category:Liquors & creams (Spirits)
Producer: Thunder Bitch
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 30%
Country: Canada

Description · Thunder Bitch

Thunder Bitch


  • Colour: A bright orange with reddish highlights.
  • Aroma: A strong aroma of bold spice and fiery chilli peppers.
  • Taste: Upon the first sip, the whisky greets you with a heated taste and remarkably sassy spiciness. A quality whiskey taste resonates underneath chilli and warm cinnamon flavours that intermingle and pleasantly nibble on the palate in the aftertaste.

PRODUCER: Thunder Bitch. The story of this whiskey begins 150 years ago in Thunder Bay, a Canadian town on the United States border. During the prohibition era, the only way to get liquor into the US from the north was to go across Lake Superior. Border control police used specially trained dogs—"bitches"—to sniff out smuggled alcohol. The mafia used bags of chilli and cinnamon in order to trick the dogs. After a while, the smugglers became inspired to blend the Canadian whiskey with the cinnamon and chilli, and Thunder Bitch was born.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Thunder Bitch is made from a blend of premium Canadian whisky mixed in oak barrels with red chilis and natural cinnamon. Thunder Bitch is best enjoyed as an ice-cold shot, but it can also add a fiery flair when used in a whiskey-based cocktail.


Thunder Bitch

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Highlighted review about Thunder Bitch

Campoluz Enoteca

Posted on at 10.59


Thunder Bitch

Licor Thunder Bitch is an excellent Canadian whiskey liqueur natural spicy cinnamon with a very pleasant taste, somewhat softer than conventional whiskey. This whiskey liqueur 30 degrees is already triumphing in all bars and clubs in Europe thanks to its incredible taste. What are you waiting to try it?

More reviews about Thunder Bitch

Mike Wilson

Posted on at 09.34

4 /5

TASTING NOTES OF Thunder Bitch :Color: amber orange.Flavour: aroma of cinnamon.Taste: spicy and very attractive flavor.PRODUCER: Thunder Bitch .COUNTRY: Canada.PRODUCTION DETAILS: Canadian whiskey liqueur excellent natural spicy cinnamon.ALCOHOL: 30%
Lizz Cubbert

Posted on at 18.19

4 /5

TASTING NOTES OF Licor Thunder Bitch:
- Color: amber.
- Flavour: aromas of cinnamon and spices.
- Taste: sweet nice and spicy.

PRODUCER: Thunder Bitch.
COUNTRY: Canada.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: perfect blend of cinnamon, chili and premium Canadian whiskey

Annick Simmons

Posted on at 17.05

4 /5

Licor Thunder Bitch

TASTING NOTES OF Licor Thunder Bitch:
- Color: amber orange.
- Flavour: spicy aromas.
- Taste: sweet, spicy, pleasant, throbbing.

PRODUCER: Thunder Bitch.
COUNTRY: Canada.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: perfect blend of cinnamon, Chile and premium Canadian whiskey.

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