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The Spanish company Teichenné set up its factory in L'Arboç in 1956. For the first part of its history, the company sold handcrafted liqueurs and derivatives only in the area around the factory. This strategy changed in the 1970s when the company expanded both its vision and its reach. The addition of more products to its portfolio while retaining the same high quality was instrumental in the company's success in the 1980s. This is when schnapps became an international hit and Teichenné was there to provide what its consumers craved. The company, whose sales have been growing ever since, is now run by the grandson of its founder.

Teichenné Green Apple is an ultra-premium liqueur from the company's portfolio of flavours. Because it comes from Teichenné, you can be sure that only the finest ingredients were used to craft this unparalleled liqueur. At 17% alcohol per volume, Teichenné Green Apple is the perfect addition to any drink that craves flavour without overloading it with alcohol.

This naturally-flavoured spirit is crystal clear, so you do not need to worry about it changing the colour of any mixed drink. Supremely adaptable, its crisp and delicate taste will take you straight into the apple orchard. Add it to your summer gin tonic for a refreshing change of pace or perk up your cider with a hit of extra flavour.

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Technical sheet

Category:Liquors & creams (Spirits)
Producer: Teichenné
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 17%
Country: Spain

Description of Teichenne Green Apple

Teichenne Green Apple


  • Colour: Teichenne Green Apple has a bright and transparent appearance.
  • Aroma: The very essence of Golden Delicious apples; crisp, tart, and refreshing.
  • Taste: Fresh, clean, natural apple flavour, not overly sweet, with notes of almond and cedar and a pleasant mouthfeel.

PRODUCER: Teichenné, S.A. has been committed to the crafting of high quality and desirable liqueurs and derivatives since 1956. Founded by the grandfather of the present manager, it is thus still a family business, with all the dedication, passion, and persistence that implies. The company boomed in the 1980s when it introduced its excellent schnapps products into the market just as that spirit became hugely popular, and has built on its success ever since. It has a portfolio of over 400 products and exports to over 35 countries.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: This award-winning liqueur is in the producer's Ultra Premium line. That Teichenne Green Apple is more appley than it is sweet makes it really versatile. Enjoy it as a shot or a sip, icy cold. Add it to any cocktail you want to lend some tart and juicy apple goodness to. Or you might even find it gives grown-up deliciousness to desserts and baked goodies; add it to Apple Crumble or Apple Pie before baking, or pour it over berry sorbet or ginger cheesecake.


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The Producer



Teichenné, SA is a family-owned company dedicated to the production of liqueurs and derivatives. It was founded in 1956 by the father of the current CEO and chairman of the company, John Teichenné. At that time production was completely handmade and very limited, sales were limited to the nearest counties. It was not until the 70s, when Teichenné expanded, just at the time when John Teichenné replaced his father.

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An excellent liqueur !!!
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4 /5

Almost 5 stars. Something intense fragrance and it was a 5er!
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