Irish Mist Honey Liqueur 1L


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The Tullamore Distillery was founded in 1829 and, in 1947, began to produce Irish Mist. Irish Mist was the first liqueur to ever be produced in the country of Ireland. The recipe for Irish Mist is rooted in a 1000-year-old recipe for heather wine. This ancient drink was a spirit mixed with honey, spices, and herbs. The recipe was found in an ancient manuscript and was used to craft the Irish Mist that the public has known and loved ever since.

At the base of Irish Mist Honey is a pure Irish whiskey, triple-distilled and oak-aged. To this is added honey, fruit, herbs, and spices. The final product comes in an elegant clear glass bottle to show off the deep, golden red colour of the beautiful liqueur inside. When you open the bottle, you will enjoy the sweet smell of honey with notes of old Irish whiskey underneath. This is nicely accompanied by the spices, fruit, and just a hint of vanilla that make Irish Mist Honey that much more special.

"Irish Mist Honey is a honey liqueur unlike any other". Its smooth, mellow flavour is warming at the same time. The delicious balance between sweet, savoury, and spiced makes this a drink that you will just keep coming back to.

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Technical sheet

Category:Liquors & creams (Spirits)
Producer: Irish Mist Company
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 35%
Country: Ireland

Description of Irish Mist Honey Liqueur 1L

Irish Mist Honey Liqueur 1L

TASTING NOTES OF Irish Mist Liqueur 1L:

  • Color: deep golden red.
  • Flavour: aromas of old Irish whiskey with a hint of honey and complex spicy notes. Some fruity nuances and only a trace of vanilla.
  • Taste: hot whiskey with honey nicely offset by darker spicy notes and a touch of black bitter chocolate.

PRODUCER: The Irish Mist Whiskey Co.

COUNTRY: Ireland.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: made with whiskey, honey and herbs.

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A sweet and unique liqueur.
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Irish Mist Honey Liqueur 1L

4.5 /5

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Irish Mist 1L

5 /5

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Irish Mist 1L

4 /5

- Color: Irish Mist 1L has a golden color.
- Smell: Aromas arable.
- Taste: sweet and warm flavor.

DETAILS PREPARED: Imagine the glorious taste of Aged Blended Irish Whiskey with honey, herbs and other spirits to an ancient recipe that is over 1000 years old. Sophisticated, sweet, aromatic, warm - a wonderfully complex flavor that is unique.
COUNTRY: Ireland
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Irish Mist Liqueur 1L

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