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Ginja Espinheira With Fruit Licor


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Ginja Espinheira (with fruit) is a liqueur produced by the famous Ginjinha Espinheira bar in Largo de São Domingos (Portugal). This was the first company in Lisbon to market this drink. The creator of this liqueur was a *Galician monk+ from the church of San Antonio, called Francisco Espinheira. He began making it in 1840. After the success, he decided to start selling it to the public and not only to increase the popularity of the liqueur but also to transform the **Ginja (Ginja is the short version of the name Ginjinha) into the typical drink of Lisbon.

This delicious liqueur is made from sour cherries or "guindas", which are usually harvested in June. These are bottled and covered with brandy and cinnamon twigs to store for a period of 40 days. Then 250 grams of sugar is added to each litre of Aguardiente and the mixture is shaken daily for a week to complete the flavour. Once this process is complete, the liqueur can be enjoyed.

Ginja reveals a unique taste. In the mouth, it is creamy, with a long persistence that constantly enhances the notes of wild cherries. You can enjoy it at room temperature as an aperitif, served in small glasses, to drink in a single pass. It is ideal to enjoy it after meals, as it is digestive on the one hand, but also an excellent accompaniment for chocolate on the other. The Portuguese love this drink and the appreciation for this liqueur has been passed down from generation to generation.

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Technical sheet

Category:Liquors & creams (Spirits)
Producer: Francisco Espinheira
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 23%
Country: Portugal

Elaboration of Ginja Espinheira With Fruit Licor

Ginja Espinheira With Fruit Licor


  • Color: Dark Amber very much alive.
  • Smell: Delicate aromas of berries highlighting wild cherries, on a background of notes of cinnamon.
  • Mouth: The palate has a creamy texture and a pleasant sweet taste with a hint of bitterness. On the palate notes of cherry and cinnamon off leaving a delicious memory.

PRODUCER: Francisco Espinheira and Ca. Lda.

COUNTRY: Portugal.

DETAILS OF PROCESSING: Ginja Espinheira With Fruit Licor is a traditional liquor Portuguese fruits produced from a base spirit and maceration ginginha or icing, a very similar result to cherry, with cinnamon, for an approximate period of 3 and 5 months. Finally, add sugar and bottled with macerated cherries. For its production they are used only natural products with no artificial preservatives. Ideal as an aperitif or digestive, however, is also widely used to accompany desserts, especially those made with chocolate. It should be consumed at a temperature of 16 ° C. The original recipe of this drink is attributed to Francisco Espinheira, a monk of the church of Santo Antonio de Lisboa. In 1840 a Galician immigrant realizes the potential of the drink and opened a small shop in the traditional Largo de São Domingos in Lisbon, which is currently served by its fifth generation.


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Ginja Espinheira With Fruit Licour

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  • Color: dark amber.
  • Flavour: intense aromas of wild cherry.
  • Mouth: creamy, long-lasting, intense cherry. Liqueur unique and unmistakable flavor.

PRODUCER: Francisco Espinheira.

COUNTRY: Portugal.

PRODUCTION DETAILS: made from alcohol and a fruit similar to Cherry, both likeness as flavor, sweet and sour mix with a touch of cinnamon, without any artificial preservatives.


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