Review about Ginja Dóbidos Extra With Fruit Licour from Portugal Vineyards

Ginja de Óbidos (Liquors & creams)

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Ginja Dóbidos Extra With Fruit Licour

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Cherry aroma with intense wild cherry. Creamy in the mouth, long lasting, intense cherry. Liquor unique flavor and unmistakable. Contains sour cherries with pits inside the bottle.
- Winemaker:
- Winemaking: Ginginha", or sometimes called "Ginjinha" is a traditional Portuguese Liquor typical from the city of Obidos. Made from alcohol and a fruit very similar to cherry, both likeness and taste. This liquor is a mixture of sweet and bitter with a twist of cinnamon. By the amount of sugar beware that it is very, very sticky. Usually served in small glasses, called shot, they should be drink in one time. Besides you can have the option to taste it with or without the Ginja in your cup.
- Grape Varieties: Ginja berries.
- Food Pairing: As an appetizer or a digestive. Great combination with chocolate.
- Store and Serve Advices: At room temperature.

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