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Teichenne Chocolate


Teichenne Chocolate

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Technical sheet

Category:Liqueurs & crèmes (Spirits)
Producer: Teichenné
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 20%
Country: Spain
The Teichenne Chocolate (£14.99) is a liqueurs & crèmes produced by Teichenné with roots in Spain with an alcohol content of 20%. Rated with 4 of 5 points according to Drinks&Co's users.

Description of Teichenne Chocolate

Teichenne Chocolate


  • Colour: Teichenne Chocolate has a clear, bright, crystalline appearance.
  • Aroma: The bouquet is fine and delicate, with subtle scents of chocolate and roasted coffee.
  • Taste: Silky sensations on the palate, with a good structure and the distinctive notes of chocolate developing on the palate. The finish is smooth yet persistent.

PRODUCER: Teichenné Liqueurs. Established in 1956, this family business has made its name in the business of crafting and commercializing spirits and derivatives. The Schnapps series was particularly successful, creating smooth fruit-based liqueurs that quickly became popular and internationalized the brand.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: Ultra premium liqueur infused with all the essence of chocolate. With the strength in 17% this is a versatile spirit. Preferred by bartenders all over the world, Teichenne Chocolate is the perfect ingredient for a killer martini, as well as many other cocktails and mixed drinks. But as a plus, this liqueur is a great addition to your pantry, as the clear appearance and smooth flavour make it ideal for bakery and the preparation of diverse desserts and pastries. Sweet and velvety, this is schnapps as you have never tried before. Warm and cosy, try it on a cold winter night.


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The Producer



Teichenné, SA is a family-owned company dedicated to the production of liqueurs and derivatives. It was founded in 1956 by the father of the current CEO and chairman of the company, John Teichenné. At that time production was completely handmade and very limited, sales were limited to the nearest counties. It was not until the 70s, when Teichenné expanded, just at the time when John Teichenné replaced his father.

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4 /5

- The original, entirely natural flavoured schnapps, Teichenne comes from a family-owned distillery in the Catalan region of Spain. Natural ingredients and real fruit essences combine to produce a dizzying rainbow of flavours: Peach, Apple, Butterscotch, Chocolate, Vanilla, Melon, Lemon, Strawberry, Raspberry, Banana, Green Apple, Kiwi, Blackcurrant, Coffee and Coconut.
- The Teichenne story begins in 1956, when Juan Teichenne Senaux began handmaking liqueurs in the small town of L'Arbo. By the late 1980s Teichenne was the Spanish market leader; today it is an international brand.
- Teichenne peach schnapps is the discerning bartender's peach liqueur of choice. Like all schnapps in the Teichenne range, it can be enjoyed as a chilled shot, over ice or in a host of exciting cocktails.
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