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Soplica Hazelnut Vodka Liqueur 50cl


Soplica Hazelnut Vodka Liqueur 50cl

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Poland is known around the world for its long history of producing high-quality vodka. The history of vodka in Poland can be traced back to at least the 8th century. While Soplica does not date back quite so far, it has been a proud product of Poland since 1891**. This brand is famous in its home country for a reason, offering high-quality pure and flavoured vodkas made in the traditional way.

One standout in the flavoured vodka category from this brand is Soplica Hazelnut Vodka Liqueur, or Soplica Orzech Laskowy in Polish. Hazelnuts gathered from Polish forests are added to a base made of the exceptionally smooth vodka that Soplica is known for. These natural and carefully selected ingredients result in a vodka liqueur like no other. If you like hazelnuts, this is one liqueur that you definitely need to try.

The special flavour of this vodka is best enjoyed chilled. It is perfect as a shot or can be mixed into an enticing long drink with a bit of soda and ice. If you want to add a bit of something extra to your next cocktail, a rich nuttiness that would be hard to find elsewhere, look no further.

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Technical sheet

Category:Liqueurs & crèmes (Spirits)
Producer: Soplica
Volume: 50cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 30%


Soplica Hazelnut Vodka Liqueur 50cl


  • Colour: Soplica Hazelnut Vodka Liqueur 50cl has a light golden hue.
  • Aroma: An enticing and richly nutty nose, yet only subtly sweet.
  • Taste: Sweet but not sickly, smooth as silk, packed with hazelnut gorgeousness, and with a luscious texture.

PRODUCER: Soplica is best known for its fine, multi-award-winning vodka, which it has been producing since 1891. It was founded by Bolesław Michał Kasprowicz, and it is his recipes for liqueurs and vodkas which are still used in the company's productions now. Another preference of his which is maintained to this day is that each Soplica expression is named or packaged with reference to Polish cultural traditions and literature. The Soplica brand is now under the ownership of CEDC, part of the Russian Standard Corporation, but its products are still crafted in Poland using traditional processes.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: This lovely liqueur has a base of Soplica vodka, infused with real hazelnuts from Polish forests. Wonderful neat or sipped on the rocks, you can also enjoy this liqueur in any number of cocktails. You could try a version of a Rusty Nail, replacing Scotch and Drambuie with bourbon and Soplica Hazelnut Vodka Liqueur 50cl. Or mix it with chocolate liqueur to create Liquid Nutella. Another popular trick is to drink it with milk, either as a shooter or shaken with ice. You can also use it in or on desserts. Versatile and delicious stuff from one humble nut.


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