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Liqueurs & crèmes

Irish Mist Honey Liqueur


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Irish Mist Honey Liqueur is not your average Irish whiskey. Indeed, its producer has infused it with honey and spices. The former reinforces the whiskey's natural onctuosity and enriches it with a syrupy sweet taste. The latter gives it a deeper and more complex taste. Irish Mist Honey Liqueur might not be the most representative whiskey from Hibernia but it is the perfect whiskey to pour in your Irish coffee.

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Technical sheet

Category:Liqueurs & crèmes (Spirits)
Producer: Irish Mist Company
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 35%
Country: Ireland
Type Of Whisky: Blended

Elaboration of Irish Mist Honey Liqueur

Irish Mist Honey Liqueur


  • Colour: Even though honey flavoured beverages don't always have honey colouring, this one does. It mixes the classic brown colouring of whiskey with the golden honey colouring of its flavour. This produces a wonderful yellow-amber colour overall.
  • Aroma: Not only does this beverage have wonderful honey scents but also that of added botanicals. Some of the botanicals that offer their scents include Irish heather. However, the primary aroma is that of traditional whiskey scents.
  • Taste: This drink's aroma carries into its flavour wonderfully. The somewhat low alcohol content of this drink helps the drink go down more smoothly than other types of Irish whiskey. The honey helps to sweeten the drink, while the spices add a punch of flavour.

PRODUCER: The Irish Mist Distillery was founded in 1947 by the Williams family. The distillery is located in Tullamore. The distillery claims to be the first commercial seller of Irish whiskey.

COUNTRY: Ireland

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Irish Mist does not give away its secrets as to how it makes its honey liqueur. However, it is generally made by fermenting grains to make alcohol. This grain is likely barely, corn, or rye. The grain is then distilled, usually to an ABV of 40%. In the case of this drink, the whiskey would need to be diluted to lower the ABV to 35%. Because this drink is technically a liqueur, it is likely somewhat watered down and has added sugars.


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muy bien
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Irish Mist

4 /5

- Based on an ancient recipe, Irish Mist is a perfect blend of Irish whiskey, honey and herbs.
- Enjoy its smooth distinctive taste on its own, over ice or with your favourite mixers.
- Irish Mist is a blend of Irish whiskey, honey and natural aromatic spices. It was the first liqueur to be produced in Ireland and, while the bottle has changed a number of times over the years, the liqueur itself has remained true to its origins – the recipe has not changed, so you can be sure of the warming whiskey and honeyed sweetness, beautifully counter balanced by aromatic spices, that gives Irish Mist its wonderfully complex flavour and taste experience.
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