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Liqueurs & crèmes

Artemi Honey Rum Liqueur


£20.17 (Approximate price)

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Artemi Honey Rum Liqueur is a typical Canarian product due to its origin and rum-making tradition. Once the rum has been processed with distillates and spirits of different origins, to which sugars, honey and natural extracts have been added, and following the traditional manufacturing process, it is subjected to homogenisation and filtration, achieving an exquisite combination of aroma and flavour. This drink can be enjoyed at any time of the year.

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Technical sheet

Category:Liqueurs & crèmes (Spirits)
Producer: Fábrica de Licores Artemi
Volume: 70cl
Alcohol Vol.: 20%

Elaboration of Artemi Honey Rum Liqueur

Artemi Honey Rum Liqueur


  • Colour: dark golden colour and bright flashes.
  • Aroma: The nose is very sweet and pleasant, it is a perfect blend of honey aromas and pleasant notes of rum.
  • Taste: Extremely balanced on the palate, with spicy touches. Long finish.

PRODUCER: Manufacturer liquor Artemi SLU.

COUNTRY: Spain (Canary Islands).

PRODUCTION DETAILS: A blend of the finest spirits and liqueurs, infused with local honey, sugar and natural aromas. This drink is prepared using traditional distillation methods.


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Reviews of Artemi Honey Rum Liqueur

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Exactly what i wanted and what i remembered from the Canary islands. With the problems going on at the momet we cant get there to enjoy holidays, BUT can pretend we there with a little sun and this Canarian rum thanks for the memories
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Artemi Honey Rum Liqueur

4 /5


  • Farge: golden honning.
  • Lukt: aroma av honning og rum kanarifugl.
  • Smak: veldig myk og behagelig smak av honning og rum kanarifugl.

PRODUSENT: Ron Artemi.

LAND: Spania.

DETALJER FOR FREMSTILLING: Fremstilt behandling rum med forskjellige destillater og brennevin som blir lagt honning, naturlige smaksstoffer og sukker. Den tradisjonelle utdypning prosessen gjør dette rum drikke høy kvalitet og svært velsmakende.


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4 /5


  • Farve: gylden honning.
  • Lugt: aroma af honning og rom kanariefugl.
  • Smag: meget blød og behagelig smag af honning og rom kanariefugl.

PRODUCER: Ron Artemi.

LAND: Spanien.

PRODUKTIONSINFORMATION: Forberedt behandling rom med forskellige destillater og spiritus, der tilføjes honning, naturlige smagsstoffer og sukker. Dens traditionelle uddybning proces gør denne rom drik høj kvalitet og meget velsmagende.


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4 /5


  • Färg: Golden honung.
  • Doft: doft av honung och rom kanariefågel.
  • Smak: mycket mjuk och behaglig smak av honung och rom kanariefågel.

PRODUCENT: Ron Artemi.

LAND: Spanien.

UTARBETNINGSDETALJER: Beredd bearbetning rom med olika destillat och sprit som läggs honung, naturliga smakämnen och socker. Dess traditionella utarbetande process gör rom drink hög kvalitet och mycket välsmakande.


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