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Trinidad and Tobago

Angostura Orange Bitters 100ml


Angostura Orange Bitters 100ml

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Clear and with unprecedented depth of flavor, the Angostura Orange Bitters works incredibly well with vodka, gin and whiskey, and adds depth to the rum cocktails. Its complexity and layers of flavors also makes it an interesting ingredient for culinary gastronomy. World-renowned chefs have found that it works especially well in salty sauces, complements seafood dishes, and home well with chocolate.

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Technical sheet

Category:Liqueurs & crèmes (Spirits)
Producer: The House Of Angostura
Volume: 10cl
Alcohol Vol.: 28%
Country: Trinidad And Tobago

Description of Angostura Orange Bitters 100ml

Angostura Orange Bitters 100ml

TASTING NOTES OF Angostura Orange Bitters 100ml :

  • Orange
  • Flavour: intense aroma of orange
  • Taste: rich flavors of herbs and spices

PRODUCER: Angostura Distillery

COUNTRY: Trinidad and Tobago

PRODUCTION DETAILS: It is made from orange peels Caribbean sun ripened grown in lush green gardens located in Trinity. These oranges are selected and harvested only in the rainy season to ensure freshness and flavor


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Reviews of Angostura Orange Bitters 100ml

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4 /5

- In 1824, the House of Angostura mastered the production of bitters, and today Angostura aromatic bitters is the only bottle that you will find behind every cocktail bar in the world. 183 years on Angostura have, at last, developed their first brand extension - Angostura orange bitters.
- It has been a long time in the making, but now for the first time there is a high quality, concentrated and balanced orange bitters available for use in the finest cocktails.
- Angostura orange bitters are new, but the category dates back to long before US prohibition. Orange bitters were incredibly popular at the turn of the 20th century, and were a key ingredient in many original cocktail classics. For example, orange bitters were one of the main ingredients in the original Martini, 'The Martinez' (Gin, Sweet vermouth & Orange bitters). Only very few bitters survived the prohibition era (Angostura aromatic bitters was one) - and during this time orange bitters disappeared from the back bar. Until now!
- Orange bitters is a key ingredient of many original cocktails dating back from the early age of mixing to the US prohibition, and with renewed interest in these cocktails (at Prohibition style bars like Milk & Honey and Montgomery Place), there is a place for orange bitters on the back bar once again.
- Examples of classic cocktails using Orange bitters:
- The Old Fashioned (Bourbon, sugar cube, Angostura aromatic & orange bitters)
- The Manhattan (Whisky, sweet vermouth, Angostura aromatic & orange bitters)
- The Champagne Cocktail (champagne, cognac, sugar cube & Angostura orange bitters)
- The Martini (Gin, Sweet or Dry vermouth, Angostura orange bitters)
- The Casino (Gin, Maraschino, lemon juice and Angostura orange bitters).
- Angostura Orange Bitters is a blend of citrus essence with oils from bitter and sweet oranges, herbs and spices. The result is impressively complex and overall balanced, which can do wonderful things to cocktails when properly used.
- Tasting Note: 'The first impressions of Angostura Orange Bitters are a soft aroma of orange and geranium. The first level of flavour is reminiscent or rich, fresh sweet blood oranges with spicy notes of cardamom and coriander. This is followed by more complex level of dry bitters orange. Clear and with unparalleled depth of flavour, Angostura Orange Bitters is an exotic and versatile bitters that works incredibly well with vodka, gin and whisky, and adds real depth of flavour to rum cocktails.'
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Angostura Orange Bitters

4 /5


  • Orange.
  • Geruch: sehr aromatisch, Noten von grünen Kräutern, Karamell und Mandarine.
  • Geschmack: bitter, würzig, mit grünen Noten.

HERSTELLER: Angostura Distillery.

LAND: Trinidad und Tobago.

HERSTELLUNG: Muscheln mit gereiften Orangen karibischer Sonne in grünen Obstplantag angebaut in Trinidad.


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4 /5


  • Cor laranja.
  • Odor: muito aromático, notas de ervas verde, caramelo e tangerina.
  • Sabor: amargo, picante, com notas verdes.

PRODUTOR: Angostura Distillery.

PAÍS: Trinidad e Tobago.

DETALHES DA PRODUÇÃO: conchas feitas com laranjas maduras sol do Caribe cultivada em pomares verdes localizadas em Trinidad.


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