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The La Palma denomination of origin, recognized as such since 1995, has vineyardsthat cover a surface of 1,700 hectares, at altitudes between 200 and 1,200 meters, and it is set along a stretch of land that surrounds almost all the island.

La Palma DO has three wine-making regions. The first one is Hoyo del Mazo-Las Breñas, on the east of the island. Its wineries are built out of stone and with roofs that are characteristic, and the strains that are grown here are Negramoll and Listán Blanca, complemented with varieties from Tenerife.

The other areas of the La Palma DO are Fuencaliente-Las Manchas and Norte-Vinos de Tea. In the first region, the main varieties are Malvasia Candia, Listán Blanca, Sabro, Bujariego, Gual, Verdello, Bastardo Blanco and Negramoll. In the area of Norte-Vinos de Tea the strains grown are Negramoll, Listán Blanca, Albillo, Almuñeco and Verdello.

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