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Regional Co (Herbs and spices)

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Flor de Malva 10Gr

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- A glass jar 10 g flowers Malva Regional Co.
- Intense violet color: ideal for adding a unique colorful note to your cocktails.
PRODUCER: Regional co.

- Geneva, neutral or vermouth Vodka are the perfect companions.
- Infusiónala earlier with a measure of your beverage of choice and allow exploiting its flavor and aroma. Three minutes and everything is colored violet, perfect time to create the rest of the cocktail. Strain the mixture, add the rest and garnish with a full flower.
- plus much aroma and flavor, shows numerous benefits for your organization:
- Recubre digestive organs protecting them against harmful agents.
- Excellent digestions and functioning of the digestive system.
- Great wound healing ... A great friend of the skin (eczema, wounds, acne, ulcers, sores, sunburn).
- should always be present in times of adversity colds and respiratory system (throat, cough ...).
- Helps hair growth and maintain a smooth skin.
- Reduces fever to fight internal infections.

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