Tunel Hierbas Mixtas 1L

Antonio Nadal Destilerías (Herbal liqueur)

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Mallorca is known around the world for its beaches, resorts, and excellent climate. This popular tourist destination is also home to Túnel, a herbal liqueur that can trace its roots back to the traditional herbal distillations made by monks for medicinal reasons. These delicious creations quickly became popular with the locals, who started to craft their own recipes. Túnel as a brand has been around since 1898, offering the world the best that Mallorcan herbs have to offer.

Túnel is available in three varieties: sweet, mixed, and dry. Túnel Hierbas Mixtas is the medium-dry offering of this fantastic herbal liqueur. After the seven specially selected herbs are grown on the family's farm: chamomile, verbena, fennel, lemon leaves, lemon balm, orange leaves, and rosemary. These herbs are known for their digestive and sedative effects, among others. Once these herbs are macerated and blended by the Master Blender, the trademark Túnel liqueur is ready in its smooth and well-balanced glory.

Thanks to the digestive qualities of the herbs used in this family recipe, Túnel is best as a digestive drink, enjoyed over ice after a heavy meal. This medium-dry formula has the perfect level of sweetness to please all palates while maintaining the herbal notes that make up Túnel's distinctive flavour profile. Enjoy a special Mallorcan toast after your next celebration with Túnel Hierbas Mixtas.

Technical sheet · Tunel Hierbas Mixtas

Category:Herbal liqueur (Liquors & creams,Spirits)
Producer: Antonio Nadal Destilerías
Volume: 100cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 30%
Country: Spain

Description · Antonio Nadal Destilerías

Tunel Hierbas Mixtas 1L


  • Color: bright green in sight.
  • Flavour: sweet aroma with notes of wild Mediterranean herbs such as anise, juniper, mint, rosemary and myrtle.
  • Palate: The palate is still have the same olfactory notes, deep and strong flavor.

PRODUCER: Since 1898 Antonio Nadal is dedicated to the production of alcohol, with a strong presence in the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean coast of the Iberian Peninsula and in European countries. The business has experienced steady growth through diversification of its services and products and increased customer base, acquiring great trust, loyalty and credibility. Today the company produces according to the old traditional values ​​and consists of a team of about 40 people, production and marketing of approximately 180 different types of beverages.


Production Details: This liqueur is made from a distillation of anise and water-alcohol maceration of Mediterranean herbs. For the herbs you do three crops a year after which herbs are dried using solar energy and innovative system. Regarding maceration, which takes place immediately after this is done in stainless steel tanks large and under the strict supervision of experts, respecting quality controls before moving to bottling.


Antonio Nadal Destilerías

Antonio Nadal Destilerías was founded in Mallorca in 1898, when its founder, Antonio Nadal Muntaner, decides to produce industrially, always with artisan methods, traditional spirits of the island of Mallorca, using his old copper still that worked then with wood fire. That still can still be...

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Highlighted review about Tunel Hierbas Mixtas 1L

Marco Donato

Posted on at 07.06


Tunel Hierbas Mixtas 1L

A good bitter herbs, the right balance of sweet and bitter, right alcohol content, the classic scent of alcoholic herbs, soft enough not to be cloying on the palate.

Good drinks, the right compromise between bitter and sweet, alcohol is ok, the typical taste of herbal mix, very smooth but not too dry.

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Yves Champion

Posted on at 09.44

5 /5

always delicious.
Anne Wood

Posted on at 13.42

5 /5

This is second lot I've bought. So good at settling indigestion or before a meal
Michele Fantini

Posted on at 00.33

5 /5

Great everything from packaging to delivery.
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