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Herbal liqueur



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Made in 1815 in Milan by a pharmacist, the Ramazzotti can claim the title of oldest Italian bitter. Its recipe, which is kept secret, is an alliance of 33 aromatic plants and roots. Dark amber in colour, Ramazzotti is particularly recognisable for its subtle flavours of sweet oranges from Sicily and bitter oranges from Curaçao, star anise, cardamom and cinnamon.

Although traditionally served as a digestive, Ramazzotti can also be drunk as an aperitif. It is usually enjoyed dry or on ice with a slice of lemon or orange, but can also be mixed with sparkling water or used as a base for a cocktail.

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Technical sheet

Category:Herbal liqueur (Liqueurs & crèmes,Spirits)
Producer: Ramazzotti
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
Alcohol Vol.: 30%
Country: Italy

Elaboration of Ramazzotti



  • Color: Deep amber bronze.
  • Flavour: The most distinctive aromas are sweet Sicilian orange, bitter orange Curacao, star anise and cardamom.
  • Taste: The taste is bittersweet, complex with berries, citrus, coffee, black chocolate, licorice, nuts and spices.

PRODUCER: Pernod Ricard


PRODUCTION DETAILS: It is made from 33 different herbs and aromatic roots, among which are rhubarb, ginseng, cinnamon, oregano, sweet orange and bitter Sicilian island Curacao and vanilla.


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The Producer



Ramazzotti is one of the most famous Italian liquor brands in the world. Since 1985, Ramazzotti has been part of the portfolio of the French group Pernod Ricard.

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produit que jeconnais bien mais difficile atroouver dans le commerce
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Amaro Ramazzoti

4 /5

- Sambuca Ramazzotti is the original Italian sweet and strong liqueur appreciated all over the world for its unique taste.
- A 38% alc.vol. liqueur obtained according to a traditional and genuine recipe based on an accurate distillation of star anise. The strength of the alcohol balances the sweetness of the sugar, giving Sambuca Ramazzotti its characteristic powerful and fresh taste.

You can drink it:As a shooter: the young approach to an Italian classic. Straight after dinner: it is a unique digestive. Con la mosca: Pour Sambuca Ramazzotti in a thin liqueur glass, float 3 roasted coffee beans and flame it. S - Expresso: add Sambuca Ramazzotti to your Espresso and experience the wonderful pairing of flavours. On the rocks: it is an exceptionally refreshing drink.
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4 /5

En 1815 Ausano Ramazzotti trabaja en perfeccionar su primera receta de un licor de hierbas para llevarla a la perfección.
Eso fue en Milán. Amaro Ramazzotti había nacido, y se conviritió en el primer Bitter de Italia.
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Amaro Ramazzoti

4 /5

En 1815, Ramazzotti Ausano travaille sur le perfectionnement de son ordonnance d'abord pour une liqueur aux herbes pour l'amener à la perfection.
C'était à Milan. Amaro Ramazzotti est né, et dans le premier en Italie Bitter conviritió.
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Amaro Ramazzoti

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