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A whisky-based liqueur from Scotland, Drambuie is a beautiful blend of flavours that has satisfied consumers since it was first arrived on British lands in 1745, under the care of Bonnie Prince Charlie. This was the recipe for the Prince's personal liqueur, which he took daily to increase his strength and vitality. After the Prince gave his secret recipe to John MacKinnon as a gift, it remained a family secret until a man named John Ross began to craft the recipe on the Isle of Skye, to the delight of the customers of the hotel he worked at.

From there, the rest is history, garnished with steadily growing popularity. Now, Drambuie can be found all over the world. With a name that means "the drink that satisfies" in Gaelic (an dram buidheach), it should not be surprising that this tasty mixture has won over so many palates over the years.

Aged Scotch whisky, spices, herbs, and heather honey are blended together according to the secret ancient recipe to make a smooth and flavourful liqueur that is now known around the world. Try Drambuie on its own and savour the craftsmanship of this well-rounded spirit. Mix it into any number of cocktails and enjoy how the honeyed notes bring a bit of extra sweetness to the mix while the herbs add complexity.

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Technical sheet

Category:Herbal liqueur (Liquors & creams,Spirits)
Producer: The Drambuie Liqueur Company
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
1L, 75cl and 350ml
Alcohol Vol.: 40%
Country: Scotland

Description of Drambuie



  • Colour: Tawny gold
  • Aroma: Pleasant notes of honey, lemongrass, and citrus zest
  • Taste: The base flavour is of scotch sweetened with honey. The verdant herbs and botanicals cut the sweetness and provide an earthy freshness. Notes of liquorice, orange peel, and cinnamon harmonize for a lingering finish.

PRODUCER: Drambuie. The story begins in 1745 when Prince Charles Edward Stuart travelled to the British Isles from Rome in an attempt to get his exiled family to retake the throne of Great Britain. He was soon defeated and fled to the Isle of Skye, where the Clan MacKinnon helped him ultimately escape. As a token of gratitude for his help, the Prince left his secret liqueur recipe with John MacKinnon. The recipe was passed on for generations until 1893 when the beverage began being marketed in Edinburgh under the name Drambuie. "Drambruie" comes from the Scots Gaelic "an dram buidheach" which means "the drink that satisfies".

COUNTRY: Scotland

PRODUCTION DETAILS: Drambuie is a special whiskey liqueur whose recipe has remained the same over the centuries. Only three people in the world know the recipe, one of whom personally blends each batch. Drambuie keeps a copy of the recipe safe at its premises. All that is known to the public is that it is created from a combination of aged Scotch whisky, heather honey, and herbs and spices.


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2013 - Gold Medal - The Spirits Business2013 - Silver Medal - International Wine & Spirits Competition2013 - Silver Medal - International Spirits Challenge

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Good but the old version was better
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it is a product that I knew a long time ago and I enjoyed finding
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very satisfied. to recommend.
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