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Herbal liqueur

Amaro Lucano


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The recipe for the Amaro Lucano is based on an old family secret which was passed on from generation to generation. Since 1894, this aperitif is also on sale. A meticulous selection of more than 30 different herbals is responsible for the Italian herbal liqueur's unique taste. Whether pure, cold, on ice or as a basis for delicious cocktails - with its versatility, the Amaro Lucano adapts easily to each occasion. Especially delicious cocktail creations are also available on the producer's website or you just follow the brand's channel on YouTube for more inspiration.

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Technical sheet

Type Of Wine: sweet wine
Category:Herbal liqueur (Liqueurs & crèmes,Spirits)
Producer: Lucano
Volume: 70cl Other volumes
50cl and 1L
Alcohol Vol.: 28%
Country: Italy

Elaboration of Amaro Lucano

Amaro Lucano


  • Color: brown caramel.
  • Odor: herbal, sweet and sour.
  • Taste: sweet and sour. The liquor is pure, cooled, drunk with ice or orange peel.

PRODUCER: Amaro Lucano Amaro Lucano SpA is an Italian liqueur and belongs to the category of Amaro. It is from 1894 by the company Amaro Lucano SpA produced. This is a family business based in Pisticci, Basilicata.


PRODUCTION DETAILS: The production process is traditionally divided into seven stages: selection, infusion, processing, adding the secret ingredient, control, mixing and filling.Selection: The mixture of herbs this liquor from different regions of the world. Dried, ground and mixed. Among the herbs used they are: Artemisia absinthium, Artemisia Pontica, Salvia sclarea (Salvia Clavy), yarrow musk, Cnicus (holy thistle), bitter orange, gentian, angelica, elderberry Sambucus, Ruta, aloe, cinnamon essential oil.Infusion: The herbal mixture is soaked in a solution of pure alcohol and water. Then it infused overnight in thermo-controlled bath (55 ° C / 60 ° C).Processing: the mixture is hot pressed to obtain an infusion.Secret Ingredient: Once the infusion is completed, the family secret ingredient is added to obtain the desired extract,Control: No constantly performed laboratory tests. The extract was aged for a period of five months. During this maturation process resulting in a layering. This means that the components weighed down and lighter Geheb above. The "heart" of the extract is then what is ultimately used.Typically, this liquor is served as a digestive after a meal and as a base for cocktails.


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